‘General Hospital’ Actress Reveals She’s in Recovery After Undergoing Brain Surgery

by Keeli Parkey

A health scare has an actress on the popular soap opera “General Hospital” recovering from a major surgery.

According to FoxNews.com, that actress is Kirsten Storms. She plays Maxie Jones on the long-running daytime series. The actress shared details about her medical ordeal via her Instagram page on Friday (June 4).

Storms’ Instagram story shows her getting a ride home thanks to fellow actress Emme Rylan. Storms is in a neck brace. However, the 37-year-old actress appears to be feeling fairly well given the circumstances.

“So, (I’ve) not really spoken about this much or at all actually,” the “General Hospital” actress shared on social media. “Less than 48 hours ago I had brain surgery hence the neck brace. It was on the lower portion of my brain. Emme is taking care of me until I get to my at-home nurse. It’s been an interesting last couple of days.”

Storms also added the caption: “Sorry for the shock you guys” to accompany the video.

So, why did Kirsten Storms have surgery? She shared that it was for the removal of a noncancerous cyst.

She also shared more details about the surgery via Instagram on Friday. These details also included her plans for when she will return to work on “General Hospital.”

“What they had to drain and remove was not cancer. I want to clarify that right now before the Internet goes crazy wild with rumors about this. I had a very large cyst that had split into two and the doctors said it was so full the pressure was very noticeable when they opened up my skull,” she also said. “That sounds so weird. So I will be on the mend for the next several weeks but I will be back at work once this is over with.”

‘General Hospital’ Actress Kirsten Storms Also Shares What She Plans To Do While Recovering From Brain Surgery

Kirsten Storms apparently underwent brain surgery a few days before she posted her Instagram video on Friday.

“I had the surgery a couple days ago, so yes, I was in the hospital for a few days,” Storms said. “We’re not taking me home right after brain surgery.”

Rest and relaxation are most likely in the cards for “General Hospital” actress Kirsten Storms in the near future. But following her brain surgery, she has plans to do activities that will help her do just that. She said she might even attempt to broaden her horizons.

“Let’s see if I can speak a foreign language now,” she shared. “Maybe I can learn things.”

According to IMDb.com, Kirsten Storms has played the character Maxie Jones on “General Hospital” since 2005. Prior to that, she played the character Belle Black on “Days of Our Lives” from 1999 until 2004.