George Clooney Helps Residents Near Lake Como Recover from Devastating Flooding

by Matthew Memrick

Actor George Clooney did his best to help and comfort his Lake Como neighbors after a devastating Italian flood last week.

The London Evening Standard reported that three days of rain produced flooding and caused evacuations for 60 residents this past Tuesday. 

The Independent also said that the actor helped residents in the cleanup effort. The day before, he toured the damaged areas with his wife, Amal, and four-year-old twins.

A local source told the U.K. Times that Clooney, 60, visited town hall to see the damage and took a Friday tour with local mayor Roberto Pozzi.

“He was really perturbed and said he wanted to help out,” Pozzi said. “We’re raising funds, and I think he will be using his own channels to do so too so we can help out people who have been made homeless.”

Yahoo! News reported that George Clooney spoke to the Italian media about the devastation. He lamented that the cleanup could be lengthy and costly.

“It’s so much worse than anybody thinks. It’s much worse,” Clooney said. “We were in Cernobbio and it was very bad. But here in Laglio it’s much worse. They think it could be years and millions of dollars before they fix it up. It’s going to be very bad.”

The Scottish Sun reported the damage could be $50 million.

George Clooney Helps Residents Recover from Devastating Flooding

But despite the damage, Clooney said the town would recover because it was “very resilient.”

“Now we need the government to declare a state of emergency and provide extraordinary financial support,” Clooney told the U.K. Times.

The American actor’s luxurious villa was among the houses affected by the flooding. Reportedly, mud and debris washed up against the vila. Clooney bought the house in 2002 for 10 million pounds. 

Last year, George Clooney’s London-area home suffered flooding. The Daily Mail said that the 17th-century house was on an island in the middle of a river. Water covered the tennis courts and other areas on the property. Portions of the property were flooding in 2006 as well.

Clooney’s Well-Known Aid

Clooney, previously known as “Sexiest Man of the Year,” now prefers work behind the camera and spending time at home with his wife and family. He’s directed a few movies and miniseries episodes along the way.

But Clooney’s charity is the stuff of legends. He’s given out millions to charities like the Southern Poverty Law Center. He’s also founded global human rights organizations and other charities.

Closer to home, he once stopped at an undisclosed warehouse to pick up $14 million for 14 friends, each receiving $1 million. When his friend and business partner Rande Gerber shared it in 2017 on MSNBC, many wondered if the story was true.

The star confirmed the story to GQ, as the magazine selected him as “Icon of the Year” in 2020.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, George Clooney’s estimated net worth was roughly $500 million in 2021.