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George Strait Asks Fans If They ‘Need a Ride to Amarillo’ in New Pickup Truck Photo

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Kevin Winter/ACMA2010/Getty Images for ACMA

George Strait posted a photo of him in his infamous blue pickup truck. The two are a match made in heaven.

He captioned the photo, “Need a ride to Amarillo? We’ll be there by morning.”

Texas Life at the Moment

He set the location on the photo as San Antonio, Texas. One of the first commentators wrote under his post, “Not on these roads, George. I’ll take a raincheck though.”

This person is commenting on the massive snowstorm that has affected many states. One of which was Texas, where people from the state were blown away by a record-breaking amount of snow.

According to CNN, there are more than three million people in Texas with no power. Many houses and buildings are not equipped to handle the extremely low temperatures and the amount of snow.

The winter weather is going to continue with more ice and low temperatures this week. Many Texans are in a state of crisis as they are left with no power in extremely cold temperatures.

As for George Strait, it looks like he’s living in the past instead (one that was a lot warmer). His Instagram post is a reference to his popular song, “Amarillo By Morning.”

“When that Sun is high / In that Texas sky / I’ll be buckin’ at the county fair / Amarillo by mornin’ / Amarillo I’ll be there.”

Thinking about Texas heat can either be very reassuring to those from Texas or a bit of a tease at the moment.

Nothing can warm you up from these drastically low temperatures quite like tequila

Strait has a number of different endorsements, such as Wrangler. As one of the most iconic faces of country music, Strait has the potential to bring companies a lot of extra revenue with his support.

George Strait Tequila

He is also aligned with the liquor brand, Código. Strait is a co-investor of the tequila company since 2017. Strait had been involved in sampling and experiencing excellent tequila on his annual trips to Mexico.

Now, he got to pick out Código’s sixth flavor expression, which is the limited-edition extra-añejo George Strait Origen. He picked out this six-year aged tequila from a distillery in Amatitán, Mexico. He was also filming a music video at the same time for the brand.

In an interview with Cowboys and Indians, Strait talked about his alignment with the brand and when he will be back in the studio.

“We knew we had a very special product and just needed to give it some exposure. Código 1530 has a great team behind it doing just that. I’m very proud to see how far we’ve come in just three or four years. We will continue to have other aged offerings as time goes on, obviously. It’s like fine wine, it seems,” Strait said.

As for music, fans will need to keep waiting. Strait said he hasn’t been with his team since last March.

“We’re all hopeful 2021 will bring back some normalcy and we can make more music. I’ve got a few things I want to record [this] year. Not enough for a record, but I’m working on that. I really don’t want to go into the studio and have to wear a mask. Not a good vibe for a record,” Strait said.

If you’re looking to get a bottle of the top-shelf George Strait tequila, be prepared to spend $350.