‘Ghost Hunters’ Stars Talk Reviving Series for Discovery+, Hint at Special Guests

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for A&E )

Get out your spirit boxes and EVP recorders – the original Ghost Hunters team is back and better than ever. After only two years after the show’s revival on A&E, the cast announced that the show will now be a part of Discovery+.

The A&E ghost hunting team consisted of team leader Grant Wilson and a crew of all new investigators, including  Kristen Luman, Daryl Marston, Mustafa Gatollari, and others. However, the Discovery+ team will feature the members of the original members of the show, such as Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango, as well as former Ghost Nation investigator, Shari DeBenedetti. Even more exciting, the premiere will air on October 31, offering the perfect way to celebrate Halloween.

The change in the cast might seem a bit abrupt considering the revival began in 2019. Unfortunately, A&E was no longer interested in pursuing paranormal shows. Once the network gave up the series, Discovery+ snatched the opportunity to bring back the show. This time, though it would be with the original team that fans loved. At the time, Hawes and his crew were on a different show, Ghost Nation. Ultimately, they decided that returning to their original show was the right choice.

Ghost Hunters leader spoke with Pop Culture spoke about the decision to switch series, noting the importance of sticking together as a team.

“We had created Ghost Nation as a way for us all to stay together and I think that’s important and we didn’t want to do [Ghost Hunters] if it was going to separate us,” Hawes shared. “And now that the ability to take Ghost Hunters back as a team, I think Steve and I and Dave, Shari, we all sat down and we talked about it and we felt that, I mean, we created Ghost Hunters.”

‘Ghost Hunters’ Star Recalls Important Conversation with Former Team Member Brian Murray

Thankfully for both casts of Ghost Hunters, there are no hard feelings about the change. In fact, Hawes shared that he even hung out with several members of the former team, such as Brian Murray, Richel Stratton and Daryl Marston. Fellow teammate Gonsalves also spent time with the A&E stars and commented on Stratton and Murray’s respectful and genuine demeanor.

“They’re both really, really super cool, super nice and very respectful to what we do and what we’re about to do, which I think is cool,” he said. “We wish all of those investigators the best.”

More importantly, the former Ghost Hunters team felt that the transition was only proper. Murray, in particular, expressed this sentiment to the original team’s leader, Hawes.

“He said, ‘You know what? It’s back in the hands of those that it should have always stayed in,” Hawes recalled about his conversation with Murray. “That meant a lot coming from him because he had been somebody who followed us for years and we’re just, like, I said, we’re just happy to take the reins back and just start running with it again.”