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‘Gilligan’s Island’: Bob Denver Hilariously Revealed the Fate of Show’s Props

by Madison Miller
Photo by: CBS via Getty Images

“Gilligan’s Island” has become even more of an island.

At least, the props of the show that made up the set have become far more spread out. While they once stood together to make the beach atmosphere for the abandoned characters, the set didn’t last long once the show had been canceled.

Now pieces of it are scattered everywhere.

‘Gilligan’s Island’ Props

In an interview on “The Late Show with Ross Schafer” back in 1988, Bob Denver, who played Gilligan on the show, explained exactly where that fictional island is today. Schafer brought up the fact that he wanted the reunion to be on the set of the show. Sadly, that set is now a parking lot.

“I think everybody took it home and put it in their backyard … I didn’t get anything,” Bob Denver said about the missing props and set.

He went on to say he imagines everyone has the classic huts from “Gilligan’s Island” hanging out near their house. Denver also added that he has no idea where the Bamboo Island Taxi ended up. This was a pedal-powered car that Gilligan used to transport people. It appeared to be built out of bamboo, branches, leaves, and other items from the island.

It’s likely that a lot of the props from the set are now scattered in a variety of different places. Hollywood Memorabilia has a number of signed photos from people like Dawn Wells and Tina Louis.

In an episode of “Pawn Stars,” a woman comes in with coconut cups she said were props from “Gilligan’s Island.” She said that her father had worked in special effects for the show and he brought them home one day.

The woman also said her father helped build the massive spider that terrorized the characters on the island in one episode. She ends up selling the two cups, which are not made up of actual coconut, for $575. The “Pawn Stars” crew claims that they can’t go any higher because, although the show is iconic, they’re not sure if they will sell.

The Cancellation of the Show

“Gilligan’s Island” was only on for three seasons before it was canceled. It had good ratings and solid viewership while it was on in the 1960s. It received even more love for decades through re-runs.

The show has created an interesting place for itself in popular culture. So, why was the show canceled so soon?

“Gunsmoke” is partially to blame for that. According to Mental Floss, CBS needed to find room for “Gunsmoke” on the TV schedule. It was Babe Paley’s favorite show, the wife of network president William Paley.

While “Gunsmoke” did go on for 20 seasons, fans of “Gilligan’s Island” never got to see the cast leave that stranded island in the Pacific. In fact, the lagoon set that was built in Studio City actually did get turned into an employee parking lot instead. The water there was once so cold that Bob Denver had to wear a wetsuit under his Gilligan costume.