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‘Gilligan’s Island’: Dawn Wells Was Hilariously Told to ‘Mouth the Words’ After First Time Singing on Show

by Joe Rutland
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“Gilligan’s Island” star Dawn Wells was quite a talented actress, but her singing voice didn’t pass the test with the show’s creator.

One of the more popular episodes from the CBS sitcom involves Wells, Tina Louise, and Natalie Schafer singing as the “Honeybees.” It’s called “Don’t Bug the Mosquitoes,” which premiered in the second season of “Gilligan’s Island.”

So, Louise, who plays Ginger Grant, and Schafer, who plays “Lovey” Howell, got to keep their actual voices in the show. Wells, though, wasn’t so lucky. Show creator and executive producer Sherwood Schwartz didn’t like Wells’ voice.

Jackie DeShannon Sings For Wells On ‘Gilligan’s Island’

“Everybody loves the Honeybees episode, but that wasn’t me singing, you know,” Wells said in an interview with PopEntertainment.com. “They dubbed my voice. In one of the first episodes we did, we were singing ‘For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow.’ After Sherwood heard me sing, he said, ‘just mouth the words.'”

Whose voice was dubbed in over Wells’ on the “Gilligan’s Island” episode? None other than singer-songwriter Jackie DeShannon. DeShannon would have hits with “What The World Needs Now Is Love” and “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” in her career.

Even though the show just lasted three seasons on CBS, Wells supported all remakes and reunion events.

Dawn Wells died in 2020 from COVID-19 complications.

Bob Denver Plays Role In Getting Credits Changed

When “Gilligan’s Island” first aired on CBS in 1964, the opening theme song didn’t include all cast members.

If you remember the theme song, then you might recall an early version that adds “and the rest” at the end.

Remember? Well, Bob Denver who, of course, played Gilligan, wasn’t having any of that on the show. Once he heard that Wells and Russell Johnson weren’t in the opening credits, Denver went to Schwartz.

Wells thinks she remembers Denver telling the show producers that “I’m not going on unless you change the billing.”

“We laughed when they did,” Wells said of herself and Johnson. “Roy (Hinkley, Russell Johnson’s character’s real name) and I would still exchange Christmas cards with the greeting, ‘From The Rest.'”