‘Gilligan’s Island’: Dawn Wells Revealed the Project She Enjoyed the Most Other Than Show

by Will Shepard

For three years, from 1964 to 1967, Dawn Wells was television’s sweetheart in Gilligan’s Island. The television show marked the launch of her career. So, it begs the question, what was her career like after the iconic show?

Wells was involved in a lot of projects since the show concluded. In 2017, she won two awards for her work as Annie Hughes in Life Interrupted. In short, her work speaks for itself. While she never found a consistent role in a television show after Gilligan’s Island, she remained a big name in Hollywood.

But, what project outside of Gilligan’s Island did she like the most? In an interview with Zachary Mule, she explained the answer to that question.

“Winterhawk,” Wells said emphatically. “Because it was so incredibly beautiful, and I had been working with such professional character actors. And we were really in the snow. I mean, I had on pantyhose over my long underwear, and I was bareback on the horse, trying to go up the Rocky Mountains.”

Dawn Wells, One of the Co-Stars of “Gilligan’s Island” Loved the “Winterhawk” Movie

The 1975 movie that the Gilligan’s Island star was in was filmed primarily in Montana. As she noted, the scenery blew her away. But the animals she filmed with were equally as impressive for her.

“[My] little horse had just a little tuft of his mane,” Wells recalled. “And we started up the hill, and my pantyhose would slide back towards the tail, and I tried to grab ahold of his mane. [About] a week into it, I said to the director, ‘Charlie! All the Indians have saddles under their blankets. Why can’t I have a saddle?’ He said, ‘It’s too late now, I put ya there without one.'”

Finally, she asserted that it was indeed her favorite movie to make. She said that everything came together so nicely for it.

“But you really got to have that feeling…” Wells continued. “And Michael Dante was a wonderful actor in the role… I think that was my favorite.”

During the interview, she also noted that the horror movie, The Town That Dreaded Sundown, was also a favorite of her to make. The Gilligan’s Island star loved that t was based on a true story and felt that it made it all the more engaging.

Even though the movie went straight to television, Wells was proud of the project. It seems that Wells valued the scenery and crew above all else, an amazing quality to have.

Unfortunately, Dawn Wells passed away on December 30, 2020 due to COVID-19.