‘Gilligan’s Island’ Star Dawn Wells Had Weird Food Obsession with Mayonnaise, ‘Could Not Live Without’ It

by Evan Reier
Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Before we get into Gilligan’s Island star Dawn Wells’ love for mayo, it’s important to note that mayo is, in fact, good.

The purpose of the ever-useful condiment that is mayonnaise can’t be understated. Whether it’s providing a layer of moisture and taste to a deli sandwich or making up a sizable amount of fantastic sauces and dips, mayo brings a lot to the dinner table.

Do you know who else brought a lot of mayo to the dinner table? Dawn Wells. The woman behind Gilligan’s Island favorite Mary Ann once expressed her significant love for the oil and egg yolk mixture to Esquire.

“The one food I could not live without is mayonnaise. I put it on scrambled eggs,” Wells said.

Okay, it being the only food she couldn’t live without is a bit much. Plus, it’s definitely unorthodox to dress eggs with mayo. But it’s the next two sentences that really drive home her passion.

“I put it on peanut butter. I just love mayonnaise.”

We’re still picking up our jaws off the floor.

Mayo and peanut butter? Together? Like, at the same time? We’re afraid this is where we part ways, in regards to mayonnaise.

Gilligan’s Island Star Dawn Wells Opens Up on Other Topics

It’s an interesting format that Esquire interviewed Dawn Wells with. It’s less of a question, but more of posing prompts. This lead to the unspeakable mayo confession, but also some sincere comments about Gilligan’s Island.

For example, Wells discussed what the message of the show was. While it featured some classic comedy ribbing, it was never a toxic portrayal of the characters.

“The essential message of every single show was about sharing,” Wells said. “Gilligan always did something wrong. He screwed up all the time. Did we bully him? Did we ever kick him in the butt? No. We forgave him. That’s a pretty strong message, and you were getting it without its being shoved down your throat.”

Despite all of Gilligan’s screwups, the cast was there for him. That’s a pretty sweet sentiment that doesn’t get highlighted often.

She added another comment that speaks strongly to what the show meant to fans and her. Despite all their differences, the castaways came together to solve their issues, and is maybe a lesson we could use more of in the modern day.

“The Gilligan’s Island experience of seven misfits trying to get together and survive is kind of what the world is today. All the nationalities and languages, different morals and faiths, trying to get along on this planet.”

In all seriousness, we miss Dawn Wells, just like so much of the fanbase. Her COVID-19-related death on December 30 of 2020 is something that still pains our heart.