‘Gilligan’s Island’: Legendary Voice Actor of Bugs Bunny and Other Icons, Mel Blanc, Voiced an Animal on Show

by John Jamison

Mel Blanc may very well be the most prolific actor of all time. So prolific that one’s time is better spent looking through the relatively short list of things he hasn’t been in than poring through the 1,200+ he has to his name. Given the longevity of the “Bugs Bunny” voice actor’s career, it only makes sense that he would pop up “Gilligan’s Island,” one of TV’s most iconic comedies.

Mel Blanc was responsible for the voices of virtually every single Looney Tune character. Bugs Bunny? Obviously. Daffy Duck? Check. Foghorn Leghorn? Better believe it. And the list goes on for quite literally a thousand more characters.

Mel Blanc first started in the late 1930s, but by the 1960s, he was already one of the most accomplished voice actors around. Among dozens of other roles, the mid-1960s saw Blanc join the cast of “Gilligan’s Island” on a few occasions.

From 1964 to 1967, there were a total of 99 “Gilligan’s Island” episodes. Of those 99, three of them have featured the legend, Mel Blanc. And 99 is a fitting number as there is a 99% chance you won’t recognize Blanc in his appearances. Why?

Well, because he was a voice actor. There’s a chance you’d recognize his voice as the parrot from the episodes “Angel on the Island” and “New Neighbor Sam.” He did have an infinitely identifiable voice. But then again, his entire job was disguising his voice for the sake of characters. Most of the time they were animated, but like in the case of “Gilligan’s Island, Blanc did live-action voice-over work as well.

And if the parrots don’t happen to ring any bells, perhaps you’ll remember his appearance as Ribbit the Frog in the episode titled “Water, Water, Everywhere.” Or his voice’s appearance, rather.

Dawn Wells Had Arrived By the Time ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Finished and She Met a Hollywood Legend

Before you ask, no, Mary Ann actress Dawn Wells was not starstruck by Mel Blanc, and he is not the Hollywood legend that “Gilligan’s Island” afforded her the pleasure of meeting. Although, he was a legend in his own right.

In the end, Dawn Wells decided on a significantly better-recognized legend who also happened to be a hero of hers. Apparently, her status during her time on “Gilligan’s Island” landed her an invite to a function where none other than Katherine Hepburn was present.

In an interview with Florida Today, Wells described what the experience was like for her.

“I would have to say Katherine Hepburn. I was just kind of in awe of her when I met her at a condo in Vancouver, Canada,” Wells said. “There she was with her hair pulled back sipping on a Scotch on the rocks. It was just an incredible experience.”