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‘Gilligan’s Island’ Star Tina Louise Breaks Down Her Desert Island Essentials

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Paul Natkin/Getty Images)

Gilligan’s Island star Tina Louise played a woman stranded on an island for three seasons. In a recent interview, the actress disclosed what essential items she’d want if she really were on a desert island.

Speaking to The New York Post, Tina Louise talked about her acting history, Gilligan’s Island, and becoming an author, among other things. Shortly into the interview, she covered what would be on her desert island wish list.

The items she’d want most?

“A large bag of raw almonds — I live in the health store — albums by Frank Sinatra. No contest. I’d want to hear Frank all day,” Louise stated. Not a particularly filling amount of food, but at least she’d have nice music to listen to every day.

Tina Louise Reveals the ‘Sexiest’ Co-Star on ‘Gilligan’s Island’

However, that’s not the only deserted island information she provided. Moving forward to the subject of male companions, she discussed which of her three male co-stars she found the most attractive.

“It’s Jim,” she said, referring to Jim Backus, who played married millionaire Thurston Howell III. “Jim was hilarious. Humor, hon. He was so funny and he used to go to the psychiatrist every day and tell me the news of the day … But just in general, he had a great sense of humor. He was adorable.”

Perhaps she wouldn’t mind Jim accompanying her on the island with the nuts and Sinatra’s music? Though it hardly constitutes a meal, dinner and a date on a deserted island could be quite romantic. She noted the writers never wanted the castaways to get off the island and if she had that setup, something tells me she wouldn’t want to either.

Tina Louise Offers Advice to Men too ‘Afraid’ to Approach Attractive Women

Along with the subject of men and deserted islands, Tina Louise isn’t shy when it comes to giving advice. A particularly noteworthy nugget of wisdom she offered was how men who are too “afraid” to approach beautiful women should do so.

Talking to Forbes in 2014, interviewer Jim Clash got right into things asking her about big mistakes men make around attractive women.

“One chap I met through many cocktail parties has this friend,” Louise begins. “The guy asked for my card, had given me his card, but never called. He comes over and says, ‘You must have broken a lot of hearts.’ And I said, ‘Well, maybe one.’ But really, I think there’s a fear sometimes. A real fear.”

While the answer seems straightforward enough, the question then becomes how does one handle that fear? “I breathe very low and very deep. Twelve deep breaths can slow anything down,” Louise replied. Additionally, she noted she can sense when men are scared and nervous. She laughed and said the fear is usually from being ignored. According to her, “It’s not too much fun. Redheads especially suffer from it.”

Considering how confident and simple her advice seems, it can’t hurt to try, right?