‘Gilligan’s Island’: Tina Louise Gave Bold Advice to Men ‘Afraid’ to Approach Beautiful Women

by Brandi Stillings

This “Gilligan’s Island” star knows all about nervous men. After all, she was once named the “World’s Most Beautiful Redhead” by the National Art Council.

In a 2014 interview with Forbes, actress and singer Tina Louise shared her personal experiences and gave valuable advice to readers.

Jim Clash, a contributing writer at Forbes magazine, got down to the nitty gritty right away. He starts by asking Louise, “What’s a big mistake that men tend to make with beautiful women?”

The former pin-up model answered his question with an insightful story.

“One chap I met through many cocktail parties has this friend,” said Louise. “The guy asked for my card, had given me his card, but never called. He comes over and says, ‘You must have broken a lot of hearts.’ And I said, ‘Well, maybe one.’ But really, I think there’s a fear sometimes. A real fear.”

Then, she compared the “real fear” in the dating world similar to getting ignored by the other person.

“It’s not too much fun. Redheads especially suffer from it,” she jokingly added.

In response to Louise’s story, Clash confirmed the answer to his initial question with another question. “So men afraid to approach shouldn’t be?”

Fear is something everyone experiences from time to time. However, each person gets to choose how to deal with it. Louise told Forbes how she handles the negative emotion.

“I breathe very low and very deep. Twelve deep breaths can slow anything down.”

Actress Tina Louise Blames ‘Gilligan’s Island’ for Ending Film Career

At the time of the Forbes interview, Tina Louise refused to discuss her role as Ginger Grant in “Gilligan’s Island.” She played the character for three seasons on CBS, before she considered herself typecast by the part.

In fact, she told writer Jim Clash: “I can’t deal with going back. I like now.”

Beginning her career at the age 2, Louise studied acting, singing, and dancing as a teenager. Soon after, she was offered modeling jobs for well-known names such as “Frederick’s of Hollywood.” It wasn’t long before the redhead bombshell appeared on pin-up magazines. She also did photos for “Playboy” in May 1958.

Making her film debut in 1958, Louise’s first big-screen role was in “God’s Little Acre.” Also, within the same year, she was titled “World’s Most Beautiful Redhead” by the National Art Council. The next year, her success continued when she starred in “Day of the Outlaw” with actor Robert Ryan.

Eventually, the rising star joined the Broadway musical “Fade Out – Fade In.” Until she left the stage in 1964, to portray movie star Ginger Grant for “Gilligan’s Island,” since Jayne Mansfield passed on it.

Eventually, Louise became noticeably upset and worried about the role typecasting her. After the series ended in 1967, she was unable to move forward in her acting career the way she’d like.