‘Gilligan’s Island’ Star Tina Louise Revealed the ‘Important’ Meeting She Had with an Emotional Fan

by Jacklyn Krol
Paul Natkin, Getty Images

After becoming an icon on Gilligan’s Island, Tina Louise knows just how important her character is.

Louise adores her fans and does her best to interact with as many as she could.

“I get letters every day at my house. I appreciate the fact that they love the series,” she told Forbes.

Tina Louise recalled a moment when she was in a restaurant when a female fan approached her. She apologized for interrupting her meal but explained that her husband was dying of cancer. His favorite show that he would watch every single day was Gilligan’s Island.

“That was very, very important,” she said. “I respect the fact that people like it so much. I understand that for myself – when you need diversion, you need diversion.”

She didn’t know how much she needed something to focus on until she experienced a fall. The injury landed her bed-ridden for quite some time. During the time spent recovering, she decided to focus on television as well.

“When I was on my bed for two-and-a-quarter months, I needed diversion. Fortunately, there was the reality show of an election that was really getting heated. I was grateful for that, the books I read and the people that came by,” she concluded.

Being Seen as More Than a ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Bombshell

Tina Louise’s Gilligan’s Island character was known for her striking looks. This also translated into her real life, as she was praised more for her beauty than her acting talent.

“I understand this so well,” the Gilligan’s Island star told the Gilligan’s Isle fansite. “Because I don’t like men to treat me as I look either…you don’t understand, do you? I’m not one-dimensional at all. If anybody spends any time with no, they learn that. Man, it’s rough trying to convince people that I’m really a serious actress.”

Aside from her role on Gilligan’s Island, she was also painted this way in other projects. Her breakout role of Griselda in God’s Little Acre also suffered from this stereotype. She wants to make it clear that she along with other women, should be known for their work more than their attractiveness.

She called Griselda’s storyline a”tragic story and one I know too well.”

“Men just can’t keep their hands off Griselda, because that’s the way she affects them every time a man sees her he tries to kiss her and rough her up…. Sex is a part of her, but is really not her,” she concluded.