‘Gilligan’s Island’: Tina Louise Had Never Had a Thanksgiving Dinner Before Actor Taught Her

by Joe Rutland

Tina Louise of “Gilligan’s Island” fame reached a point where she’d never fixed up a Thanksgiving dinner. One of her costars helped her.

In an interview with Kevin Renick, Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on the iconic CBS sitcom, talked about helping Louise learn the in’s and out’s of a Thanksgiving dinner.

“She said to me … I’m a pretty good cook and my mother is, too … and she said to me, I don’t know if it was our second or third year, but she said, ‘Would you mind teaching me how to make a Thanksgiving dinner?'” Wells said of Louise.

‘Gilligan’s Island’ Star Louise Learns About Fixing Thanksgiving Dinner

“And I said, ‘I’d love that!'” Wells said. “So she came to my house, and she sat on a stool with a pencil and paper, and my mother did all the shopping.”

Wells remembers chopping up the onions and celery with her mom. Louise was sitting there, too, taking notes of everything. Wells said she couldn’t remember if Louise ever did fix a Thanksgiving dinner.

“Eight or nine years later, maybe even later, because she had a daughter by that point,” Wells said, “and I met Caprice (Crane, Louise’s daughter). And Caprice said to me, ‘You know how much I love that story about Thanksgiving, how you taught her how to do it?’ And I would not have thought Tina would have embraced it that much!”

Apparently, Wells and her mom made quite an impression on her “Gilligan’s Island” costar. Louise probably shared that story a lot with her daughter.

Wells died in December 2020 from COVID-19 complications. Louise remains the last cast member alive from the show.

Dawn Wells Said Louise Didn’t Like Doing CBS Sitcom At all

Wells knew that Louise wasn’t too hot about being Ginger Grant on CBS’s “Gilligan’s Island.”

Wells said, “Even if Tina didn’t like doing the series, she was certainly no problem.” She made her comments in a 2016 interview with Forbes.

“It’s interesting because she was a gorgeous, glamorous girl,” Wells said. “Why wouldn’t she be doing a gorgeous, glamorous role?”

Louise had some movie and modeling experience in her background. She made a memorable appearance in the movie “God’s Little Acre” and also found some TV roles, too.

Yet one thing that happened to Louise, which she said kept her from getting roles after “Gilligan’s Island” ended, was typecasting. People only saw her as Ginger, not Tina Louise, the actress. It bothered her a lot, but she kept moving forward with her career.