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‘Gilligan’s Island’: Watch Bob Denver & Dawn Wells Relive the Iconic Series on ‘The Pat Sajak Show’ in 1989

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Gilligan’s Island, the iconic television series aired on CBS over fifty years ago. Even now, fans still remember some of the best scenes from the series. While it only lasted three seasons, it held a lasting impact on American television.

Twenty-five years after the first episode aired, Bob Denver and Dawn Welles appeared on the Pat Sajak Show. In the 1989 episode, the two costars relived their glory days on Gilligan’s Island and recalled some of the funniest moments. Check out their interview together with Pat Sajak below.

One of the scenes they revisited was the scene where Gilligan clumsily knocks down Mary Anne Summer’s hut. Bob Denver talks to Sajak about that hilarious scene in the first episode of Gilligan’s Island.

“This is like one of the first episodes where we had to build huts and kind of get it together,” Bob Denver recalled. “I guess it shows Gilligan’s ineptness, clumsiness, and trying to help. But it turns out you never wanted his help. Please stand over there and don’t move!”

Gilligan’s overall inability to accomplish anything despite his best efforts to do the right thing drives the comedy in Gilligan’s Island. For three seasons, in fact, Gilligan inadvertently thwarts any attempt of rescue. While it drives the characters insane, it also drives the series forward (or nowhere) for three seasons.

Dawn Wells Joins Denver to Discuss Gilligan’s Island

After Bob Denver and Pat Sajak chatted briefly about the scene, Denver’s Gilligan’s Island costar Dawn Wells joined the show. The three of them joked around and reminisced on some of their favorite times on the show. For instance, Dawn Wells shared a hilarious story about their creator and producer, Sherwood Schwartz.

“One of my favorite stories is of Sherwood Schwartz coming home at night,” Wells recalled about the producer of Gilligan’s Island. “He told his wife that he’d had a terrible day between the censors at CBS trying to prop up my pants and pull up Tina’s neckline.”

This had to do with the censorship of television at the time of Gilligan’s Island. As Wells suggested, females could not show their naval or any cleavage. Oh, how the times have changed.