‘Gilligan’s Island’: What Was Alan Hale’s Net Worth at His Time of Death?

by Joe Rutland

Alan Hale played the “Skipper” on “Gilligan’s Island.” He also was in movies and TV shows, so one might wonder about his worth when he died.

First thing’s first. Hale, who was the son of character actor Alan Hale Sr., died on Jan. 2, 1990, at 68 years old. Second, he had 200-plus movie and TV credits to his name dating back to 1941. Third, Hale proved to be quite busy as his workload for an actor was quite impressive.

He would find himself acting alongside the likes of Kirk Douglas, James Cagney, Rory Calhoun, and Clint Walker.

‘Gilligan’s Island’ Star Found Ways To Bring Joy Beyond His Role

But the role of a lifetime for Hale, who was married twice and had four children, would be as Captain Jonas Grumby, or the Skipper, on “Gilligan’s Island.” Hale would reprise his role in reunion movies and cartoon shows based on the CBS sitcom in the years after its original run.

With all that work, you’d think Hale would be a major multi-millionaire in his life, right? According to celebritynetworth.com, Alan Hale Jr. had a net worth of $6 million upon the time of his death.

People can measure a person’s worth in dollars. Obviously, that is what we’re focusing on in this article. Yet Hale also was known as a man who would go to children’s hospitals, captain’s hat on his head, and visit patients.

Hale was tied to that role on “Gilligan’s Island” yet he didn’t let it totally define him. He would use it in ways that would bring joy to people’s lives. Hale also had a seafood restaurant in the Los Angeles area where he would greet people wearing, you guessed it, his famed hat.

‘Skipper’ Used His Thumb In Order To Reach L.A. For Audition

Have you heard about the journey Hale took in order to get to the audition for “Gilligan’s Island”? Let’s take a little tour and see how it all happened.

He was in Utah doing a movie. The studio that was going to put the show on CBS wanted him to do a screen test. Hale recounted the journey during a 1988 interview on “The Late Show” with host Ross Schafer.

“It’s a rather amazing story,” Hale said. “I was in Saint George, Utah, doing a picture with Audie Murphy. I got this call to come down. It was kind of a difficulty. How was I going to get there? There were no planes out of there. There were no rent-a-cars or anything.”

Hale found a highway, put his thumb out, and hitchhiked all the way to Las Vegas. From Las Vegas, Hale said he flew into Los Angeles and went to CBS. The rest, of course, is classic TV history.