Ginger Zee Looking Forward in On-Set ‘GMA’ Pics with Michael Strahan, Robin Roberts

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)

“Good Morning America’s” chief meteorologist Ginger Zee is excited to get back to her studio duties. In a recent Instagram post, the popular morning show host shared a photo of herself, her cohorts, and her behind-the-scenes team expressing her readiness to return to the set.

“Studio pics are a whole lot more fun when you get out of your solo basement …” the meteorologist wrote in the post. The photo pictured a beaming Ginger Zee along with her hair and makeup team. Smiling right along with the meteorologist are “Good Morning America” cohosts Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts.

The “Good Morning America” host is excited to make her way back onto the morning news show set. Ginger Zee has been away from her cohosts filming segments in California recently. And, clearly, she and the “Good Morning America” crew know how to make the best of the moments they find themselves together on set!

The closeness of the crew is apparent in the Insta photo. “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts strikes a campy pose, showing off a karate-chop pose. Strahan adds a bit of an “eyebrow raise” to the fun photo. The ex-footballer-turned-television host seems to be looking towards the camera with a quizzical but amused expression.

Ginger Zee Says “Good Morning America!”

It didn’t take long for the meteorologist to get back into the swing of things, either. Ginger Zee added another Instagram photo Wednesday morning showing off her latest in-studio look. Donning a gorgeous short floral dress, Zee noted that she was taking it “to the next level” in the studio as she finished a segment on climate change.

“Here’s what you need to know…” the meteorologist wrote on the post. “Also – did you see my #ItsNotTooLate segment of climate/environment? They air every week on our streaming channel @abcnewslive.”

Ginger Zee’s gorgeous look was topped off with a beautiful partial up-do and some killer high-heel sandals.

Recently, the “Good Morning America” host clapped back at some nasty Twitter comments. The “ABC News” meteorologist responded to a Twitter troll who began belittling her on social media.

Zee Sends A Message To Twitter Trolls

Earlier this month, Zee made a comment on the social media platform stating that she is simply human. A Twitter user, aptly named “Peter Griffin” presumably named after the crude “Family Guy” character responded with, “You’re paid millions to read cue cards.”

While not pleased with the comment, the meteorologist responded with grace.

“Can you please get me paid millions and no, I don’t read anything — I ad-lib,” the host responded. “I’m a scientist who talks about science — with no script.”

While that could have been enough to quite the hater, Zee went on to turn this into a teaching moment for anyone who may have been reading.

“Peter — I only comment back to you a second time in case others need the education. Women can be scientists AND look good in a skirt,” she said. “I happen to be one of those women. Don’t project your anger and frustration on others without knowing the facts.”