Gloria Henry, Mother on ‘Dennis the Menace’ and ‘Dallas’ Actor, Dead at 98

by Will Shepard

Gloria Henry passed away yesterday, Saturday, April 3, at 98 years old. The actress was known primarily for her role as ‘Dennis the Menace’s’ mother.

She starred in the 1960s comedy show for 146 episodes over four seasons of Dennis the Menace. She, unfortunately, passed away the day after her birthday on April 2. Further, her son, Adam Ellwood, posted a moving tribute to his mother on Facebook.

Born in New Orleans in 1923, she grew up just outside of the Garden District. After attending the Worcester Art Museum School, she decided to move to Los Angeles. There, she worked for several radio shows and shot commercials as well. She also was performing in the theater as well to try and break into Hollywood. It was early in her career that she took on her stage name, Gloria Henry.

Gloria Henry, Known Best for Her Role in “Dennis the Menace” Passed Away on April 3, at 98 Years Old

The first movie that the co-star of Dennis the Menace was a part of was in 1947. The movie was called Sport of Kings as Doc Richardson. Afterward, she went on to be in many more films. One of the flicks that she played the largest roles in was Miss Grant Takes Richmond (1949). She played Helen White in the movie alongside Lucille Ball.

Some of her other movies include The Strawberry RoanTriple ThreatRacing LuckRiders in the Sky, and Kill the Umpire. She found an equally lucrative career in television.

Gloria Henry was in twenty-one television shows. She had parts in My Little Margie, Father Knows Best, Perry Mason, and The Life of Riley.

In 1959, though, she got her big break when she landed Alice Mitchell in Dennis the Menace. The show was based on Hank Ketcham’s comic book series. She also starred in two episodes of Dallas, “A Tale of Two Cities” and “Ka-Booooom!”.

She married Craig Ellwood in 1949 and had three children together. However, in 1977, the couple got divorced. She was previously married to Robert D. Lamb for five years until 1948.