‘GMA’ Host Michael Strahan is Making Us Uncomfortable with Eerie Baby Statue on Halloween

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)

Halloween is a special time of year. It is one of the few times that folks like Michael Strahan decide to pull jokes and tricks. All in the name of good holiday fun, of course.

When he isn’t waking Americans up with the news on GMA, Strahan is usually doing something football-related. He was with the Fox NFL crew and they had a strange guest on the show. Jimmy Johnson and Strahan presented the newest member of the crew.

Unfortunately for viewers, it was a tiny creepy baby statue. As I said, Halloween is a special time of year indeed. Michael Strahan liked the statue so much he shared some pictures with the world on Instagram. Check those photos out below…if you dare!

“Happy Halloween!!!” the post read. “Hopefully @jimmyjohnson4616 doesn’t scare you too much LOL!” Strahan looked like he was having a great time in the photos laughing almost in disbelief in the first photo. Then there was a great cue card that simply said, “Happy Halloween Have A Great Show.” Seems that the Halloween spirit is running wild on Fox NFL Sunday.

It looked like both Strahan and Johnson enjoyed the little decoration. However, I will be alright if I don’t see that little statue ever again online or on television. There is just something about little dolls and similar items. Seriously, get this thing out of here.

Back in his playing days, Michael Strahan was a nightmare for defenses all year round, not just October 31. However, since then he has made a great career being a bright and smiling personality on TV. In fact, Jimmy Johnson was a defensive lineman in his day, too, but seeing his face next to that statue was scary enough.

Michael Strahan is All-In on Halloween

This isn’t the only Halloween surprise that Michael Strahan has for fans. Outside of his professional career, the GMA host is a father. Not only does the former NFL star have 17-year-old twin daughters, there is also Baby Enzo…well, to be fair, Enzo is the family dog. But being a dog dad is important too!

While Strahan was out with his pooch he decided to snap a pic of Enzo. It appears that the dog and his dad are loving the Halloween season. Enzo is such a good dog for dealing with the outfit that he was put in. Some dogs seem to like clothing. This one sure didn’t seem to mind his new costume for the weekend.

If you are going to dress your dog up like a pumpkin, you must take pictures and share them with the rest of us. Those are the rules. The picture is just another moment that Michael Strahan has shared from his life. He doesn’t get a lot of free time with his many jobs, but he found enough to get this done and for that, we thank him.