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‘GMA’ Host Michael Strahan Shares Pic of ‘Baby Enzo’ in Halloween Costume and Fans Can’t Get Enough

by Megan Molseed
'GMA' Host Michael Strahan Shares Pic of 'Baby Enzo' in Halloween Costume and Fans Can't Get Enough
(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)

On pretty much any day, Michael Strahan’s Instagram followers know that his “Baby Enzo” is always a perfect little pumpkin. But now, we just cannot get enough of the furry little darling as little Enzo goes all the way, dressing up this weekend as an adorable jack-o-lantern. On Saturday, October 30, the GMA host’s pup, “Baby Enzo” became an Instagram favorite.

The adorable pup created a cuteness overload, showing off a perfect Halloween holiday look.

“Baby Enzo as a pumpkin for Halloween,” Michael Strahan notes in his Saturday morning Instagram post. Of course, both Enzo and Strahan want to know what their Instagram followers plan to dress up as this year.

“What’s your costume??” reads the post, adding that both Strahan and Enzo hope everyone stays safe, and happy, during the weekend.

“Hope everyone has a safe and happy #halloween weekend!” the GMA anchor adds to the post.

Baby Enzo certainly does make a perfect pumpkin, as the Insta photo shows. And, this little pup knows it too, from the look on the darling little puppy-pumpkin’s face.

Of course, all of us are incredibly thankful that Michael Strahan found a few moments of free time to not only dress up his pup but also show his Insta followers the unbelievable cuteness.

However, it seems the GMA anchor’s free time is few and far between.

‘GMA’ Host Finds Answers In One Sensational Story

Recently, the former football star produced an upcoming HBO documentary. The upcoming special will highlight the sensational Bishop Sycamore high school scandal.

The story follows the high school team that seemingly operates a football team from a Columbus Ohio school that doesn’t have a fixed street address, nor does it have a class schedule.

As the story unfolds, Strahan’s documentary explores how the team, and the borderline fake school was created in an effort to help at-risk youth.

This sensational story broke earlier this year as the Bishop Sycamore football team was hosted by the well-known IMG academy.

IMG Academy’s football program is one of the most elite in the nation. Bishop Sycamore, however, was entirely unknown.

Of course, IMG Academy destroyed Bishop Sycamore 58-0. However, for those who watched the shocking blow-out, which was also aired on ESPN, something clearly was not right.

Bishop Sycamore clearly did not belong on that football field. What followed was the unraveling of a shocking story involving a dedicated coach, some deceptive and unique ingenuity, and a group of football players looking for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The special will explore just how the team who seemed to have no home, found its way onto one of the most elite football fields in the nation, competing live on ESPN.

Michael Strahan’s upcoming documentary will delve deep into the complicated story. According to reports, Strahan has been granted exclusive interviews with Roy Johnson the coach behind the unbelievable story.