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‘GMA’ Host Michael Strahan Will Fly to Space on Blue Origin’s Next Flight

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

It looks like Michael Strahan is the next to hop aboard the space travel bandwagon. The popular “GMA” co-host revealed that he will be amongst the passengers on the next Blue Origin’s space flight happening on December 9.

Strahan will be on the New Shepard rocket as it launches up a group of eager human volunteers for its third human flight.

It’s also going to be the first time the rocket is launching with a full six-person crew.

‘GMA’ Host and Blue Origins Flight

The “GMA” host will gather with the rest of the astronauts at the liftoff facility in West Texas. Luckily, Strahan is going to know what to expect from the exciting flight a little bit more than the average person.

He got to report for ABC News on the first human Blue Origin flight launch that took place in July. In fact, getting to see the flight in person was a major factor in his decision to take off on this new journey. He will have to meet in Texas soon for more training and safety protocols.

“I want to go to space. I think being there at the first launch, it really was mind-blowing,” Strahan told ABC News. He said yes to being a crew member “without hesitation.”

Strahan also revealed that part of his extreme desire to be a part of this flight is the fact that this is all the growing future of space exploration. All of his stipend from the flight is going to The Boys & Girls Club.

“I believe that this is the way of being innovative, creative, pioneers in aviation, now space travel. And it’s going to take a while but I do believe that it will bring a lot of technological breakthroughs and also innovations to us here on Earth, and I just want to be a part of it,” he also said to the news outlet.

More Information Regarding Human Space Flight

For reference, Blue Origin is a company founded by Jeff Bezos. There are several other new space exploration companies exploring this new intergalactic money-making realm.

That includes Virgin Galactic, which is founded by Richard Branson. Another popular space-based company is Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The fact that there are several companies in the business already is a major game-changer. It is working to lower the cost of flying to space and could be the green light for upcoming advancements.

As for fellow humans on the Blue Origins flight, the “GMA” host will be joined by a couple of other noteworthy people. That includes Laura Shepard Churchley. She is the daughter of Alan Shephard. He was the first American to fly to space.

Also aboard for the mission will be Dylan Taylor, Evan Dick, Bess Ventures, and his child Cameron. They are the first parent-child duo to fly in space.