‘GMA’ Host Michael Strahan Apparently Got a Round of Golf in with ‘Ted Lasso’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Michael Strahan, the GMA host and former NFL great, is turning his final days in his 40s into a very fun affair.

He’ll hit D Day this Sunday. And in this case, D stands for decade, which is 50. So why not spend an afternoon golfing after your GMA duties are over for the day?

Strahan posted a photo of who he played golf with earlier this week. He captioned the snap: “Played golf with Ted Lasso! Kyle Lippert LOLOL

Now, check out the photo that had the GMA host cackling.

No, GMA Host Didn’t Play Golf with Ted Lasso

Yes, we Ted Lasso fans quickly realize that Strahan’s playing partner wasn’t really England’s greatest American sporting import. Jason Sudeikis plays Ted Lasso, the fish-out-of-water coach of AFC Richmond. Ted is known for his mustache and optimistic demeanor. And he doesn’t so much coach as build cheery, infectious confidence within his team. Yes, like our favorite GMA host, almost everyone would love to spend an afternoon with Ted Lasso. All that primetime Emmy mojo could rub off as well.

Lara Spencer, a fellow GMA co-host, offered some advice: “Lol. Use the easy rake? Will change your life”

And speaking of golf, the GMA host loves to play it. Golf magazine did a Q & A earlier this year with Strahan about his thoughts on the game. One of their questions was to pick a foursome:

Strahan said: “Tiger Woods because he’s… Tiger Woods! Condoleezza Rice, I’ve seen her on the golf course out at Cypress Point and I know she’s a member of Augusta, so she’d be the one to get us on a nice course. And Obama.”

Michael Strahan Said His Game Is Good Enough Not to Embarrass Himself

Here’s more on the GMA host and his thoughts on golf. He was asked to describe his game.

“I don’t embarrass myself,” Strahan said. “I’m pretty good. My average is 81, but I’ll shoot in the 70s. I won’t embarrass myself. If you’re on my team, you won’t be disappointed.”

But golf hasn’t displaced football as his first love. Although the NFL Hall of Famer retired from football in 2007, he still puts that sport above golf. Like, the euphoria from a sack of Tom Brady always will forever will better than a birdie.

A birdie feels fantastic, a hole in one feels amazing,” Strahan explained. “But sacking Tom Brady feels incredible! You get to hit another man, take him down to the ground and get paid for it and not go to jail, that’s fantastic. You feel like a gladiator (and) you feel like a lion who’s just taken a gazelle down. You’ve captured your prize.”

Circling back to the decade acknowledgment, GMA partied like Michael Strahan was 50 a few days early.

Strahan wrote on social media: “I hate celebrating me… but this Sunday I turn 50. And there was no better way to start the celebration than with my GMA family. They made me TRULY feel special and grateful!! Thank you to everyone for the early b-day wishes!!”