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‘Godfather III’: Here’s Why One Classic Character Never Made It to the Sequel

by Chase Thomas
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The Godfather series is as good as it gets in the cinema game. While there is much debate as to which is better between the first and second film, it doesn’t really matter because reasonable people can agree you cannot go wrong with either.

But what about Tom Hagan? What of the under-discussed stars of the film who did not make it to the third part of the trilogy. Instead, he was simply written off as having passed away sometime between Part 2 and Part 3.

If you were wondering why Hagan did not continue on or at the very least get a flashback as to what happened to him, we have your answer. It may involve money. Specifically, money that reportedly went more to Al Pacino than Robert Duvall. Duvall said of the pay discrepancy, “if they paid Pacino twice what they paid me, that’s fine, but not three or four times, which is what they did.”

The gap was too great for Duvall between him and the iconic Pacino. He just couldn’t sign on for another film with that sort of change. However, Duvall did not miss much, Outsiders, as Part 3 was widely regarded as the weakest of the three films. Still, getting an on-screen ending for Hagan would have been nice, but it was not to be.

‘The Godfather’ Star Robert Duvall Now

Can you believe it, but Duvall is 90-years-old now. He has been acting in Hollywood for 70 years. Is it hard working at that age? What do we need to know about preparing to be 90? Duvall said, “Love the most? I don’t know if I love any of it, but day to day with my wonderful wife.” He continued, “She takes care of me, and I have good friends, and try to work out and keep in some kind of shape.”

He takes it day by day. He even still says in shape with a workout regimen which is just amazing for a man at his age.

Earlier this year he worked with his old co-star again Martin Sheen. The duo starred in Apocolypse Now with one another many decades ago, but they worked together on 12 Mighty Orphans. On working with Sheen again Duvall said, “He was always a very positive guy, very team player. And it’s great to see him again. Yeah, absolutely. After a big hug, we worked.”

Duvall may very well be 90-years-old now, but he’s still working and he’s not letting missing out on Part 3 of The Godfather stop him as he continues to add to his already incredible Hollywood resume. It just didn’t work out with him and Pacino for that last installment, but it happens.