‘Gold Rush’ Star Brennan Ruault Shares Stunning Photos From a Day of Snowmobiling: ‘Heaven on Earth’

by Thad Mitchell

When he isn’t scouring the earth looking for gold, Brennan Ruault, star of “Gold Rush” is usually out having fun.

He recently took a trip north to have some fun in the winter snow and try out some snowmobiles. Ruault joined the cast of “Gold Rush” in the show’s sixth season, becoming a part of gold-digging icon Parker Schnabel’s crew. He predominantly worked in the excavation process for Schnabel’s team, breaking cold hard ground in order to find gold. Ruault has a true love for motorbikes and snowmobiles and loves to ride anytime he gets the chance. He was once caught in a major avalanche while riding his snowmobile and amazingly survived the ordeal. The incident didn’t seem to scare him much as he jumped right back on the snowmobile and continued to ride.

With a break from “God Rush,” Ruault and some buddies ventured to Bush Base Camp for some snowmobile fun. On his social media pages, he shared a few photos and videos from his latest winter adventures. Judging from the pics, he and his friends had a blast traversing the snow-covered mountains.

“What an epic day of riding at Bush Base Camp,” the “Gold Rush” star writes in the caption. “Most perfect blue bird day. My sled blew up 1 km up the trail so I went back to town and came back with a brand new turbo 850 free ride. Thanks Jesse! Can’t wait to go back.”

Ruault wasn’t done sharing photos of their fun day either, taking to Instagram once more to share even more photos.

“Couple more pics and video from Bush Base Camp,” he says. “Heaven on earth.”

‘Gold Rush’ Star Shocks Fans By Leaving Parker Schnabel’s Team

“Gold Rush” watchers were stunned when at the beginning of season 1, Ruault left Parker and joined rival Rick Ness. Ruault was a key component of Parker’s record-breaking gold-finding crew and a big reason for the miner’s success.

Despite their lucrative partnership, Ruault and Schnabel simply could not get along. By season 11 they were constantly getting into heated arguments on a regular basis. Ruault said he could no longer work in a volatile workplace, calling season 11 “pretty brutal.”

Last year, it was pretty brutal, and Parker and I seemed to not see eye-to-eye anymore,” he says in season 12. It’s very draining and stressful when you’re angry half the time. Like, that’s no way to work, you know?”

Now, a member of Rick Ness’s “Gold Rush” team, he hopes for smooth sailing.

This year, I just want to run some big gear, move some dirt, and, you know, go back to having a nice fun summer like it used to be, and kill it and hopefully find a ton of gold,” he continues.