‘Gold Rush’ Star Brennan Ruault Throws It Back to a ‘Great’ Day on the Mountain for Chris Kruse’s Birthday

by Hannah Heser

If anyone knows how to spend a great day in the mountains, it’s Gold Rush star Brennan Ruault.

Last year, Ruault took some time away from the public eye and headed up to the mountains to celebrate Chris Kruse’s birthday. Recently, Ruault shared a few photos from his trip in June with his Instagram followers. In the post, they did everything they could think of including cookouts, drinking lots of Miller High Life, and exploring the outdoors. Before the mining season approaches, Ruault and his crew are taking in the last few days to relax. And what’s a more perfect way to relax than a trip to the mountains?

Ruault captured several images of their journey, along with a short clip of a snowball fight at the end. After the last season of Gold Rush, this adventure was much needed. In the caption of the post, the Gold Rush star describes the trip in detail. He also wishes his friend and co-star a happy birthday.

“What a day in June. Took young fella Johnny Raincheck aka @goldrushkruse for a birthday tour up Sign post mountain. We cooked his favourite Johnsonville brats and drank a very impressive amount of @millerhighlife that lead to a snow ball fight as u see in the last clip. What a great way to spend a great day. 51 this year Johnny hahaha.”

Fans are thoroughly enjoying these throwback pictures.

“Looks like you guys had a great day back in June,” one fan wrote in the comments.

“Good buds and good time rite on boys,” another user added. “Keep up the good work.”

Brennan Ruault Recently Looked Back on a Past Episode

It seems like Brennan Ruault never stops working. In fact, he’s been working hard to make sure all of the equipment is in proper shape for the new season that’s quickly approaching. On February 1, Ruault shared a few pictures of him and his crew working behind-the-scenes on their machines. The idea for this season is to limit the amount of malfunctions they experienced last season. And by looking at the pictures, it seems like they’re doing a great job.

Despite the struggles they faced, it only made Ruault and his crew stronger for the next season. It gave them new ideas for how to avoid the problems they already encountered. In the caption of the post, Ruault explained what they’re working on and told everyone to tune into the Discovery Channel.

“The big boy is coming out to play in the sand box this season! How was this almost a year ago already??? Safe to say this was a huge undertaking to put together and @rosko555 and me had a few screaming matches hahaha got’er done tho…… make sure you tune into discovery tonight @goldrushtv will be on up here in Canada @tayntonbayspirits @komatsuforestofficial.”

You can scroll through the pictures here.