‘Gold Rush’: The Clock is Ticking for Fred’s Operation

by Thad Mitchell

Much as the show’s title says, the goal for miners on the Discovery Channel series “Gold Rush” is to strike gold.

To these “Gold Rush” miners, striking gold means striking it rich and that is the ultimate goal. But finding gold is not as easy as it may sound to some. Gone are the days when you could take a sifter down to a body of water and find small amounts of gold. No, the “good stuff,” as they say, is buried deep under the earth’s surface.

Teams of gold miners on “Gold Rush” use millions of dollars worth of equipment to move tons of earth, hoping to find the shiny, precious metal. Of course, using these expensive machines can often lead to a major headache, to say the least. The super-duty machines are extremely heavy and hard to fix if they break down. Still, when an important piece of machinery, such as an excavator, breaks down, it can wreak havoc and even force a temporary stoppage of the whole operation.

It’s a scenario that veteran “Gold Rush” gold miner Fred Lewis knows all too well. In a sneak peek of an upcoming episode. Lewis and his team suffer a setback as their excavator comes off its track. Lewis makes the decision to shut the operation down until the excavator can be fixed. Obviously, this will cost the “Gold Rush” time and money they might not can recuperate.

“Fred is running out of time to get back on track,” the “Gold Rush” social media post proclaims.

In the video, you can see that Fred is not happy that the excavator has come off its track. It’s a major problem to requires immediate attention and that means pulling people away from the tasks they are currently working on.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Fred Lewis is a Fan Favorite

In the gold mining business — time is money and money is in the gold. It’s why Lewis and his crew must hustle to make the necessary repairs and get moving again. A military veteran, Lewis knows what’s at stake.

Unlike many other gold diggers, Lewis doesn’t come from a family of miners. In fact, Lewis has a very interesting career path. After his military service, Lewis thought his calling was in the classroom he tells Military.com.

“I studied and got a master’s in education and a bachelor’s in science of web design,” he says. “I never really found my path. I was a high school biology teacher, middle school history teacher, high school rec wrestling coach, volleyball coach, bouncing around trying to find something.”

“Gold Rush” fans are certainly glad that he made the jump in the world of gold mining. Since coming onto the show, Lewis has been one of its most popular characters.