‘Gold Rush’ Crew Faced Unexpected Challenge with Deadly Power Lines

by Jon D. B.

2020 saw immense challenges across the board, but this power pole crash in Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mines had jaws hitting the floor.

And that includes this Outsider. Holy hell, this could have been so much worse. That didn’t stop Dave Turin from being real pissed, however.

In this throwback clip, Turin’s close-knit crew finally has their massive trommel out of the shop. Excitement is high and the trucks are rolling as the gents are ready to get back to the Gold Rush. Then the unthinkable happens.

As their trucks roll into “Big Sky country” to mine their Montana ground, the rock truck transporting the trommel plows straight into a power line and sends live wires whipping through the air.

“Damnit, Casey!” Jason shouts. We won’t type out what Dave shouted in tandem.

“I didn’t see the wire… And now I’ve snapped a power line,” Casey Morgan admits with shame in his voice. It was Casey, in fact, who snapped the entire power poll like a toothpick with his rock truck.

“Who’s gonna pay that bill?” Dave asks. “I bet it ain’t gonna be you!”

On their way to the new mine site, a member of Dave Turin’s crew drives into a power line pole, causing it to snap and obstruct the road with live power line cables.

Gold Rush

The Gold Rush crew moves in to assess the situation. But this isn’t something they could ever hope to approach or fix. As Discovery cites, that’s a 50,000-volt power line. Getting anywhere near the live wires risks a painful, horrible death.

“It arced, so that is a live wire. So we’ve got to stay away from this,” Dave radios to the crew. “We’re not going to go back underneath this until they fix that pole…”

“I feel sick to my stomach,” Casey adds. Who wouldn’t? That’s one big, costly, dangerous accident, right there.

Casey’s Huge Flub Leaves ‘Gold Rush’ Crew Unable to Reach Montana Mine

“It’s just a stupid accident that shouldn’t have happened.”

You can say that again, Casey. We’ve all been there. As frustrated as the rest of the crew with the delays, all Casey can do is wait for the power company to come fix the lines and pole.

“Dave is pissed as all hell, and has every right to be. This is not how we want to start this season off,” he offers after telling his boss he’ll pay for the damage if necessary. Dave isn’t the only Gold Rush crew member angry and shaken by the snafu, either.

Dave knows if any of his crew gets hurt, “That’s on me,” he says. “You start thinking about the first accident, then another accident happens. And that’s my biggest fear.”

Luckily, it all gets sorted out after a call to the landowner. But not before a whole lot more swearing.

For plenty more of this excellent Gold Rush throwback, check out the full clip above. And as always, stick with your fellow Outsiders for all the latest from Dave Turin’s Lost Mines.