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‘Gold Rush’ Displays Massive Gold Nugget In New Clip: ‘That’s What We Like to See’

by Katie Maloney
Photo by studiocasper via Getty Images.

Landing a huge hunk of gold is what “Gold Rush” is all about. It’s what the cast members work so hard for.

So, even as viewers, it’s super rewarding to see all that hard work pay off – literally. “Gold Rush” recently shared a video clip from one of its latest episodes. The clip shows one of the cast members showing off his latest gold find. The hunk of gold is about three fingers long and palm-width. The nugget of gold is so big, it barely looks real. But we’re sure it will make some mighty fine jewelry!

Along with the clip, “Gold Rush” wrote, “Now that’s what we like to see. #GoldRush: Winter’s Fortune starts now on @Discovery and @discoveryplus

Rick Ness Said That There Were Two Things That Helped Him During Last Season Of ‘Gold Rush’

Obviously, it takes a lot of skill to be able to make it in the gold mining industry. Many of the “Gold Rush” stars trained for years with gold-mining pros in their family before taking on businesses themselves. So, a lot of skills are developed over a lot of years. That said, luck also plays a part in a gold miner’s success. That was certainly the case for “Gold Rush” star Rick Ness during last season.

At first, it seemed like the season wasn’t even going to happen. Ness and his crew work in the Yukon along the US/Canadian border. And that border was shut down at the beginning of the pandemic. Additionally, the mining season usually starts around March/April, which was the height of the pandemic’s uncertain beginnings. So, Rick Ness had no idea if there would even be a new season of “Gold Rush.” Luckily, mining was deemed an essential business shortly after the start of the pandemic. And Ness and his crew were able to work again. All of that sounds like a lot of stress, which it definitely was. However, the pandemic actually played a pretty big, and positive, role in the gold mining business as well.

During an interview last year, Ness shared the two things that helped him strike it big during last season.

“Well, yea, we were very lucky to work this year,” said Ness. “But also, we have a few things going for us. Low fuel costs helped me out big time, and record-high gold prices also have helped me out big time.

Wow, low fuel costs combined with record-high gold prices sounds like the ultimate combination for the success of a “Gold Rush” star.

“I’m very lucky that I ended up going to work,” added Ness. “But it did affect us in a major way as well.”