‘Gold Rush’: Does Parker Schnabel Pay Attention to Why Fans Like the Show?

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Parker Schnabel knows a lot of people are familiar with him due to “Gold Rush” and its success. Do you think he pays attention to it?

Schnabel, who has been mining for gold since he was a teenager, discussed this in an interview with The Guide Online.

“I think the main reason why our audience gravitates towards the show is that it’s a unique business in that you go into not knowing what the outcomes will be,” he said. “We take our audiences through an intense ride of the risky side of the business.

“On the flip-side of that, there are very interesting characters in the show,” Schnabel said. “Most of the miners around the Yukon have been with the show for a very long time and I think the audiences want to see how far their favorites go on every season.”

“Gold Rush” features Schnabel, who was given the Big Nugget mine by his grandfather, John Schnabel. Other mine captains include Tony Beets, Fred Lewis, and Rick Ness. The show appears on the Discovery Channel and fans can catch up on all the latest news shows on the show’s website.

Right now, it is in Season 12. It should be interesting to watch all four mining captains go for it all when it comes to the highest dollar total collected.

‘Gold Rush’ Miner Talks About Issues He Had With Rick Ness Starting Up A Team

If you have watched “Gold Rush” for a long time, then you know Rick Ness used to be part of Parker Schnabel’s team.

Then, Ness decided to break away and form his own mining team.

Schnabel had a couple of issues about it. Mainly, the move set him back a little bit.

In an interview with The Guide Online, he said, “We had two big hurdles to jump this season.”

Schnabel refers to Ness quitting and leaving. “Overcoming that for our business was a [sic] difficult, and we had to deal with the fallout of that, and I had to figure it all out,” he said. “It created a bit of a power vacuum that caused some issues as you guys will see on the show.”

Well yeah!

Another crew member at the time, Brennan Ruault, got tired of getting into it with Schnabel. Ruault left and joined Ness’s team.

Schnabel offered some other words about Ness in another interview. He brought Ness into the gold mining world but didn’t see a future for him in it.

The “Gold Rush” star said, “Rick is the opposite type of guy for this. He smokes like a chimney, drinks [a] pile of beer … his type of workout is to lift a pile of weights and he does not do cardio.”