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‘Gold Rush’: Does Tony Beets Want Another Round of ‘Winter’s Fortune’?

by Samantha Whidden

Following the finale of Winter’s Fortune, Tony Beets is now revealing whether or not he wants another season of the Gold Rush spin-off. 

During his recent interview with Looper, the Gold Rush star said Winter’s Fortune went ok and it was nice. “[It] gave me something to do,” Beets stated. “[I would] like to do it again.”

While also chatting about the equipment that was used during Winter’s Fortune, Beets revealed that the equipment will also be used during the latest season of Gold Rush. “Oh yeah, I mean, they didn’t show. They show the Cat and stuff. And then we spent big this year in the summer.”

When asked if it’s the thought it’s ever been to prosecute in the Klondike, the Gold Rush castmate admitted he’s been doing prospecting for quite a few years already. In regards to people leasing from him, Beets added, “Well, they used to buy the lease from us. And we have other people to do at least delay – everything is gone. And I don’t want to lease out any more ground to other people.”

Tony Beets Talks Paradise Hill Work During Season 12 of ‘Gold Rush’ 

While also chatting to Looper, Tony Beets discusses the work miners are doing at Paradise Hill during the 12th season of Gold Rush. “Pretty good this year,” Beets said about the program. “A couple thousand a year. So yeah, we set a goal this year. Not very positive but around the year. So yeah, it was good.”

Beets also explained that he currently has 40 employees that are working on Paradise Hill. “Because it’s the end of the season. We must have 15 girls on, the rest are boys,” Beets further shared. He then reported that when it comes to gold goals, he and his crew haven’t had much luck.

“Well, we got to go over Indian River, but that didn’t work out,” the Gold Rush star stated. “So we just did it because we didn’t get the selection o the property.”

When asked whether or not the global health crisis has affected his crews’ operations, Beets said that while he and his team don’t have to do anything because they’re in the wild. But he said there have been some shipping issues “Because we don’t know what’s happening in the outside world. We live like we usually do. So absolutely no change. We were very, very fortunate.”

In regards to any regrets he has about his experience on Gold Rush, Beets goes on to add that he has no real regrets. “So whenever I do something of this nature, I don’t know. I don’t regret.”