‘Gold Rush’: Eagle-Eyed Fans Point Out a Feature Rick Ness is ‘Lacking’

by John Jamison

Rick Ness has been a favorite of “Gold Rush” fans since appearing on the show in 2012. In recent years, however, Ness has taken more of an active role as a mine boss. This is no doubt due to the vacancy created by Todd Hoffman’s departure from the show. Even still, the increased attention has led some attentive fans to realize one of Rick Ness’s interesting quirks.

It’s not something that one would notice from tuning into a single episode of “Gold Rush.” But once you see it, it becomes a bit of a curiosity.

“Hey everyone just wondering, does anyone know why Rick Ness has what seems to be zero tattoos on his left arm?? I heard a few things but was wondering if someone on here really knows the real reasons behind his naked left arm. Thanks!” a Redditor posted.

At first, it seems like an off-the-wall question. But upon looking at a few pictures of Rick Ness, he does indeed have a completely bare left arm. It wouldn’t seem that unusual, but interestingly, his right arm is completely covered. As is his neck.

Is it just a style thing? Religious, perhaps? Well, “Gold Rush” fans tried their best to figure that out.

“Idk my dad said it was because it was his mother’s wish or something (to have a clean left arm), than told me that he wanted me to not tattoo my left arm in dedication of him (as if he owns it xD) so im just trying to figure out if that’s true or if he’s just pulling a fast one on me haha,” someone replied to the Reddit post.

“I remember it being for his mum as well. I think it was an ep just before or after she passed,” another added.

Rick Ness Has Come A Long Way on ‘Gold Rush’ Since Becoming a Boss in Season 9

Despite being featured on “Gold Rush” since 2012, it wasn’t until recently that Rick Ness found real success on his own. He saw the biggest returns of his career in Season 11, hauling in over $2 million worth of gold.

The “Gold Rush” star credits his success with all of the mistakes he’s made over the years.

“I mean it’s been, up, down, left, right, sideways, and the only reason I’m still here is because, you know, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and I’ve learned from them. And that’s the only way you can keep going, is you make mistakes — they can kill you, but if you learn from them, you know, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. If you learn from it, you can move forward. You know you can,” Ness told Looper in April.