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‘Gold Rush’ Exclusive: Legend Tony Beets Talks ‘Pushing Boundaries’ with Parker for Landmark 12th Season

by Jon D. B.
Wide shot of Tony standing next to an excavator. (Image courtesy of Discovery Press for Outsider.com)

GOLD RUSH icon Tony Beets told Parker Schnabel the same thing he was told as a young man: “Follow the money. Go North, young man.”

When I asked Tony how he broke into the gold mining industry initially, he repeated the phrase to me, too. It’s as much advice to live by as it is a code of honor for the Yukon icon.

Even with Season 12 rolling around – marking a full decade with GOLD RUSH for Tony – his focus is not the show. It’s the mine. The crew. The gold.

This isn’t to say he’s not grateful for Discovery and their partnership.

“Well it’s like I say, like I always tell people: they pay well so we play well,” he says straight of the network. “The show doesn’t hold the company back much.”

There’s that focus again. Yet Beets sounds equally genuine in his pleasantries for the crews that aren’t his own.

“Film crew-wise we are pretty lucky. We have a good film crew. So yeah, from my point of view I think this all runs pretty smooth.”

But what about those prickly rivalries GOLD RUSH plays up at times? The jealousy over young upstart and Beets’ former protégé Parker Schnabel’s wild success and the like?

“We have a nice thing going in the Yukon,” Tony offers, saying this is the one area where things differ from screen to reality. “I think the rivalries are sometimes made for the show. Overall, everyone gets along pretty well. Everything rolls along together pretty nice. It doesn’t take much effort to make it all come together, let’s put it that way.”

‘Gold Rush’: One License Stands Between Tony & Parker Being ‘Neighbors Again’

One thing that helps with a smooth “come together” is cash. And Tony had some to burn ahead of Season 12.

Tony in-cab operating the Dozer. (Image courtesy of Discovery Press for Outsider.com)

“What we did is we bought a whole lot more equipment,” Beets shoots straight of his prep ahead of the seven month long mining season. “Everything is bigger this time. More trucks, more this and more that.”

He’s being modest. According to Discovery, Beets spent more than $5 million in new gear to mine his accessible claims 24/7. “And providing we get a license this year, I think we’re going to come out pretty well.”

GOLD RUSH fans know this license before it can be spelled out: Indian River.

Both Tony and his former protégé, Parker Schnabel, have had a good bit of trouble with their water licenses in GOLD RUSH  seasons past. And if that license comes through, Tony says he and Parker will be working right alongside each other and “pushing boundaries” into their biggest year yet. Those boundaries, as The King of the Klondike adds, were meant to be broken after all.

“Hey, if we get that license, we’ll be neighbors again,” Beets adds of their Indian River territories. “If not, then we’ll probably have to wait another year.”

We’ll see how it all pans out through the return of Discovery’s #1-rated show, GOLD RUSH, this 12th season. New episodes premiere on Discovery and discovery+ Fridays at 8 PM Eastern.