‘Gold Rush’ Fans Do Not Enjoy These Stars

by Jonathan Howard

When it comes to Gold Rush, fans have all kinds of opinions. One they seem to universally agree on is their dislike for one crew.

Over the years there have been the favorites and the disliked. Todd Hoffman might have been the biggest of all of the unpopular figures on the show. Those that hated him hated him. Now, it seems that Fred Lewis and his crew have earned the ire of Gold Rush fans.

On Reddit, u/quayleman8969 decided to go and post about Fred. They asked, “Anyone else skip [past] Fred [Lewis’] parts of the show[?] Such cringe. The [Hoffmans] weren’t even this bad…”

Almost like magic, they were able to get responses. It seems that the Gold Rush subreddit commonly has anti-Fred Lewis posts and questions. While some folks are tired of hearing about it, there are still those that feel they need to let it be known.

“Drop the guy in a rock truck with no training,” u/_edk_ replied. “Ask him to navigate a narrow site through thick mud, and then pin his fate on a team vote. Sure hope it’s made for TV drama, because it sure is piss poor leadership.”

Another reply mentioned the military aspect of the Gold Rush crew.

“I was in the military,” u/watkins1515 said. “What I saw last night made me roll my eyes so hard they almost stuck. I’m not watching anymore. I can’t take it.”

“With the Lewis crew the entire suspension of disbelief is broken, knowing it’s all play acting for a made up goal of 100oz,” u/nostromorises replied. “Which even if taken out of the ground, can’t [possibly] pay the bills on the gas they’re using for the season.”

Is it true? Is this one Gold Rush crew just in it for TV and drama?

‘Gold Rush’ Star Has ‘Best Pan’ Of His Life

While Fred Lewis and his crew are doing their small goals and making fans upset online, another star is making money. At least, he’s hoping to make some money. Gold Rush star Rick Ness was messing around the Duncan Creek area. His crew had moved out tons of dirt and earth. Then, 30 feet before they expected to find anything, the ground looked different.

After inspecting the dirt, Rick decided he needed to take a pan. After collecting some material, he went to the water nearby. Once he had shaken it all out and taken a closer look, his eyes got real big. There was more gold in that pan than any pan he had done before. About 25 flecks of color in the pan had dollar signs in Ness’ eyes.

He straight up told his crew that it was the “best pan” in his “entire life.” Gold Rush stars live for finds like Rick and his crew just made. If he is able to move his operation in a way that makes it all work, then he could be pulling record amounts of gold out of that site.