‘Gold Rush’ Fans Left Stunned After Star Gives Away Gold

by Jon D. B.

It is better to give than to receive, right? But 300k in gold? Gold Rush fans find the amount a shocking gift, regardless of the crew’s work.

To cut right to the chase, “Dave gave away 300k in gold. I dont understand that at all,” says Gold Rush fan tanhauser_gates_ prompts on the show’s active Reddit board.

“Juan saying 6 guys getting 600 ounces was impressive is nuts,” they continue. “Parker [Schnabel] mined 4000 ounces with that size crew-without giving anyone more than wages [except the foreman].”

So why does this seem so damn shocking to this passionate Gold Rush viewer? “Pomrenke is a 3 man operation and he pulls that every 2 weeks… Not that impressed with the season total considering what was paid out-not to mention royalties,” the Redditor clarifies.

Alright, so yeah – that’s a lot of gold to “gift”. But as fellow fan NetJnkie replies: “Dave probably offers the cut of gold to offset low wages since they really have no set operation. Parker gets gold. Pomrenke gets gold. It’s a given. They can pay more in salary. Dave probably can’t,” they add of Dave Turin.

Turin’s spinoff, Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine, has proven just a big a hit for Discovery as the OG. But no matter how beloved the crews are, there’s still a certain amount of shock that comes with any $300k gift.

Other Redditors, at least, are jumping in to help clarify. “Yeah he offered them all equity in the company in season 1 so they each own 5% of the company and get 5% of the proceeds. This likely helps offset lower wage and also adds more drama to the show,” comments u/I_Cant_Surf.

Do the Differences Between Parker & Dave’s Gold Rush Operations Explain Huge Gap Between Gold Gifts?

It’s fan shaundb95, however, that clarifies the difference between Dave Turin’s Parker Schnabel’s (of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail) operations.

“Parker’s crew is bigger than Dave’s you don’t see all the guys on camera. So is Pomrenkes,” shaundb95 says.

In fact, “Parker has /had an on-site cook to ensure that people don’t have to stop to make food,” another Redditor, abz_eng adds. “That means a crew of probably 15 – 20? There are the end of season shots showing about those numbers… One episode had the cook in rock truck though? Or was that Rick So the numbers can vary.”

The Redditor explains that when you get larger crews, “you can be more efficient as you have trained mechanics (plural) not pulling double duty and spare equipment that can be swapped in. Seven rock trucks with one always getting maintained, means less unexpected breakdowns. Tony has the boneyard for spares for that reason.”

Perhaps the biggest difference, however, is that “Parker has virgin ground. Dave is catching what old timers missed/skipped,” cites dude463 on the Gold Rush Reddit board. He brings Steve Pomrenkes’s assets into the equation, too, explaining that “Parker has said multiple times that it’s getting pretty hard to find any more ground that’s worth mining. Pomrenkes have more than 3 people. You never see the night shift unless something goes wrong.”

Either way, we’re sure no one on Dave Turin’s Gold Rush crew is complaining about his gifts.