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‘Gold Rush’ Fans Are Suspicious of Fred Lewis’ Operation

by Amy Myers
(Photo by DEA / G.CAPPELLI/De Agostini via Getty Images)

Gold Rush star Fred Lewis is still struggling to win the show’s fans over, and it seems his recent developments aren’t helping.

Throughout the season, fans have been quick to share their feedback on Fred’s mistakes. Now, watchers have continued to be critical of Fred’s team of “misfit” miners as the team took an extensive amount of time to repair the berms in their operation.

On Reddit, one fan spoke to the most recent episode of Gold Rush.

“I really wanted to believe this season Fred was running a real gold mine operation,” they wrote. “But this latest episode of dealing with the berms just led me to the conclusion he is just running a larger, but still fake operation this year.”

They continued, “Why would it take 4 days to fix the berms? They said he lost 4 days to fixing the berms. It really took that long to add some dirt to a few hundred yards of berm at most? Is their work days like half an hour or something? Then when they show aerial shots of his operation it appears they are again actually digging up dirt in a very, very small area. This is not a real gold mine folks, just like last year.”

Other fans shared a similar perspective of Fred’s portion of the episode. Some even wondered if Fred had reaped enough gold to pay his team a sufficient salary, let alone break even.

“One of his guys on episode 17 was talking about ‘Making a living’…I haven’t seen Fred Lewis weigh enough gold to cover their costs yet, let alone make a living,” another fan shared.

‘Gold Rush’ Fans Admit to Skipping Fred’s Segments

As it turns out, Fred and his team are actually quite common subjects on the Gold Rush subreddit. Fans will often share their grievances about the issues that the miners experience, but others opt to skip over his segments completely. One fan even admitted to using Fred’s screen time for “bathroom breaks,” instead.

“Anyone else skip pass Fred lewis parts of the show. Such cringe. The hoffmans weren’t even this bad,” a Gold Rush watcher wrote in another thread.

A big part of the reason why fans don’t like to watch Fred’s team anymore is because of how often he speaks to his prior experiences in the military.

“I was in the military. What I saw last night made me roll my eyes so hard they almost stuck. I’m not watching anymore. I can’t take it,” another user added.

Thankfully for the misfit miner, there were a few Gold Rush watchers that were sympathetic to Fred’s situation.

“Whelp, he’s out there having a go and working towards a better future. Can’t fault him for that,” one person wrote.