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‘Gold Rush’: Fred Lewis Reads Through Incredibly Insulting Social Media Comments

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jan Sochor/Latincontent/Getty Images)

A new episode of the behind-the-scenes Gold Rush show, The Dirt is leaning into the unpopularity of Fred Lewis on social media.

Ever since Fred and his team got on the show, fans haven’t been… kind all of the time, to say the least. If you go on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, or anywhere else you find Gold Rush content, there are Lewis haters. It is a strange phenomenon for a group that is otherwise likable and uncontroversial.

Being called Misfits Mining might be the most accurate aspect of the show. Lewis and his crew are doing their best. The goals are smaller, but they do what they can for themselves and the show. In an all-new episode of Gold Rush: The Dirt, Fred reads some fan comments that he gets on a daily basis. Kind of like reading mean Tweets with Jimmy Kimmel.

“Let me just open my world to you guys, my daily messages from ‘fans,'” Fred says in the video before reading some of the meanest messages that you’ve ever seen. Check out the video below and see for yourself.

It really is awful what some folks will say on the internet. Whether you like Fred Lewis and his team on Gold Rush or not, the insults and family comments are so far over the line. Unforutnately, fans just keep making these types of rude and insensitive comments.

While Lewis and his team aren’t the most prolific miners on the show, they provide a service for viewers. There are comparisons that are made to the Hoffman family, but I’m not too sure about that. What stinks is that the internet can be such a rotten place. Hopefully, Gold Rush viewers can stop with the comments and Fred can hopefully, mute the haters and move on.

‘Gold Rush’ Reddit Takes Aim at Fred Lewis

As I said, there are fans that just don’t like the Lewis’. Even outside of the hateful comments, some folks are just turned off by the crew. That happens on any show. The subreddit for Gold Rush has had a history of complaints about Lewis and his team. It has become cliche at this point to post about it.

“Drop the guy in a rock truck with no training,” one user said referencing an episode. “Ask him to navigate a narrow site through thick mud, and then pin his fate on a team vote. Sure hope it’s made for TV drama because it sure is piss poor leadership.”

“I was in the military,” another said. “What I saw last night made me roll my eyes so hard they almost stuck. I’m not watching anymore. I can’t take it.”

So, Gold Rush fans aren’t big on the Lewis team. Misfits Mining is quite the misfit group. However, they are a part of the show, and most importantly, they are humans. Let’s all try to think before saying awful things about strangers on TV.