‘Gold Rush’: Here’s How Much Parker Schnabel’s Massive Excavator Costs

by Joe Rutland

People who tune into “Gold Rush” watch Parker Schnabel get down to business with his major-league excavator. How much does it cost?

Back in 2019, Schnabel upgraded from what he had been using according to an article from The Blast.

“I ordered it this spring when I knew we had a lot to do this year,” Schnabel told his crew on “Gold Rush.” “It’s got a big bucket and a lot of power behind it, going to help us move a lot of dirt.”

‘Gold Rush’ Star Upped His Crew’s Ability With New Machinery

What did Schnabel upgrade to use in the field? He’s now using a Volvo Excavator, the EC750E. That 750 boasts more than 500 horsepower. It also can hold up to 8.5 tons of dirt and weighs as much as a T-Rex.

Also, the 750 has a price tag of around $500,000. That’s how much the excavator cost the “Gold Rush” star, Schnabel. It is worth it, though.

When his “Gold Rush” crew got their eyeballs on the new machinery, they couldn’t hold back their enthusiasm.

Crew members said “It’s big” and “I wasn’t expecting something like this … thank you, boss!”

Machine Operator for Schnabel Shows Excitement But Gets Cautious Words

Brennan Ruault, who is one of Schnabel’s machine operators, wanted to get into the driver’s chair. It’s not before Ruault receives a stern warning to everyone who pilots that machine.

“If I see dented panels or scratched paint, you don’t get to go home … you just go straight to the lashings,” Schnabel said. “Gold Rush” is still doing strong ratings for the Discovery Channel and has produced a number of spin-offs through the seasons.

Schnabel, in an interview with The Malestromshared one reason why he’s been so successful in competitive mining.

He said that he does not stay complacent. “We always try to find the next thing or the next person that’s going to improve the business and make things run better and smarter,” Schnabel said. 

Miner Always Continues to Work, Improve Quality Of Effort

Schnabel is always working on improving his work. “It’s not just about one idea or one way of doing things, it’s a constant improvement,” he said.

Since he’s now part of the Dawson mining community in Alaska, Schnabel finds it wonderful and filled with some of the world’s best people.  

“I’m really glad to have become, or feel like I’m becoming part of that,” Schnabel said.

He has been on “Gold Rush” since 2010. When he was 16 years old, Schnabel took over the family mine at Big Nugget.

Fans can keep watching the show, as we said earlier, on the Discovery Channel. Outsiders who are drawn into this type of show will tune in and see new episodes this fall.