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‘Gold Rush’: Here’s How the Series Helped Veterans ‘Find Their Ground’

by Amy Myers
(Photo by: Auscape/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

In an effort to give back to our nation’s heroes, Gold Rush stars Fred Lewis and Kendell Madden are sharing the wealth with veterans. As many in our country know all too well, the transition from military life back into civilian life can be incredibly tough. For some, this includes finding a job that speaks to their interests and experiences in life. As veterans themselves, Lewis and Madden came up with a way to provide fellow servicemembers a steady income and an understanding work environment.

For most veterans, gold mining probably isn’t the first career they have in mind once they receive their DD-214s. However, as Lewis and Madden have demonstrated, plenty of tactical skills can translate fairly easily into the Gold Rush life. From laborious physical work to methodical planning and careful precision, the outdoors and hands-on job may actually be ideal for many with military experience. So, when the Gold Rush duo found themselves with an opportunity to mine in new territory, of course, they wanted to secure the deal and in turn secure jobs for fellow veterans.

Take a look at how Madden and Lewis sealed the deal in the Discovery channel recap below.

‘Gold Rush’ Deal Turns Out to Be a ‘Win-Win for Everyone’

Surely, one of the main reasons the Gold Rush team wanted to employ veterans was to create a haven for individuals that have endured the same type of experiences during combat. However, it doesn’t hurt Lewis and Madden to have a team of hardworking, loyal and trustworthy veterans as well. It’s an arrangement that benefits everyone, just like the deal that the two struck with the owners of their newfound mining territory.

In the Gold Rush recap, Madden and Lewis are hard at work searching for specks of gold among the dirt. Their goal is to find at least a tenth of an ounce in 20 yards to prove to the landowners that the deal is worth the cost and risk. Understandably, the duo is anxious to find even tiny glimmers in the mud as they dunk the carpets into the water.

“It’s all fine and good to see flakes stuck in the carpet, but at the end of the day, we got to weigh the gold,” Madden shared. “Then we know.”

Once the team brings the tiny iron skillet over to the scale, the Gold Rush team optimistically admires the batch.

Sure enough, the gold weighs in at a tenth of an ounce exactly.

“We’re trying to start a lot of dreams here for a lot of veterans,” Madden told the landowners. “With your guys’ help, this is something we can all pull together.”

Of course, the landowners were happy to support the Gold Rush stars with their mission.

“Sounds like a win-win for everyone,” one said as they shook hands.