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‘Gold Rush’: Here’s Where the Crews Set-Up Their Digging Sites in Season 2

by Katie Maloney
Photo by John W Banagan via Getty Images.

“You always mine the very best ground you can find,” said “Gold Rush” star Parker Schnabel.

This is sound advice coming from a gold mining legend nicknamed “Young Master” by his colleagues. He got the nickname after taking over his grandfather’s gold mining business at the age of 17. In conclusion, when Parker Schnabel gives you gold mining advice, you listen.

Yes, there’s a little luck involved in finding success as a gold miner. But there’s also a lot of skill and planning required by the job. And, as Schnabel said, location is everything. Some miners spend years staking out the best locations to mine before purchasing a claim on the areas and setting up shop. You can have all the latest tools and the highest quality machinery, but if you don’t choose the right location to mine, you’ll never find gold. So, here are all the locations the “Gold Rush” cast mined during season two.

Where Did ‘Gold Rush’ Stars Mine During Season Two?

Ever wonder about the exact locations that the “Gold Rush” cast dig? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here’s exactly where each team dug during season two.

Hoffman Crew

 Todd Hoffman, a (then) fan-favorite gold miner from Sandy, Oregon, mined at the Quartz Creek Mine. The mine is located in the Klondike, Yukon in Canada. It’s located near Toronto Creek. Hoffman and his crew found success mining gold there during the second season of “Gold Rush.”

“Dakota” Crew

Fred “Dakota” Hurt worked with the Hoffman Crew in mining Porcupine Creek during season one of “Gold Rush.” However, during the off-season, Hurt decided that he wanted to mine the location himself. So, he bought the lease for Porcupine Creek and kicked out the Hoffman crew – who had missed a payment on their lease. Over the next three years, Hurt formed the “Dakota” Crew. He worked with his son, Dustin, and his business partner Paul Behn. Hurt even pulled out of “Gold Rush” during season five to pursue his own television show, “All That Glitters.”

Schnabel Crew

In 1984, John Schnabel purchased a claim at Porcupine Creek, which later became known as the Big Nugget Mine. Schnabel bought the land so he had a fun place to take his children during the summer. But he ended up getting more involved in the gold mining business and eventually started making a lot of money from the venture. In 2011, John appointed his grandson, Parker Schnabel, boss of the Big Nugget Crew. Parker is now a beloved star on “Gold Rush.” The legendary mine is located in Porcupine Creek, Alaska. Emmerson Trench is the primary mining zone, along Porcupine Creek. The Smith Creek Hill zone is a secondary mining location.