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‘Gold Rush’: Here’s Where the Hoffman, Dakota Fred and Parker Schnabel Crews Found Success in Season 3

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

“Gold Rush” fans really like keeping up to date on where certain crews found success. Three crews struck it hot in these spaces in Season 3.

According to a 2016 article from The Diggings, the Hoffman, Dakota Fred, and Parker Schnabel crews returned to mine on the Quartz Creek, Jim Nail Placer, and Big Nugget mines. Also, the Hoffman crew found a new mining site, the Indian River mine, just two miles from the Quartz Creek mine. They split their team between both sites.

All of this activity took place back in 2012, though, on “Gold Rush”. The Hoffman team faced delays and equipment issues at Quartz Creek. So they left it alone and moved to the Indian River location. A full 13-person crew worked there during the season’s second half. That crew mined 803 ounces of gold valued at more than $1.28 million.

“Gold Rush” also featured the adventures of “Dakota” Fred Hurt and his crew. They worked at Porcupine Creek and ended up mining 163 ounces of gold worth more than $250,000.

Schnabel’s crew returned to Big Nugget. They had more experience under their belts along with improved equipment, too. So, they finished with 191 ounces of gold valued at more than $250,000.

All of this activity on “Gold Rush” happened around the Yukon area of Alaska. The Discovery Channel show continues to bring a lot of viewers to what takes place while mining.

Todd Hoffman Left ‘Gold Rush’ to Pursue Career as a Singer

While “Gold Rush” fans know Todd Hoffman from being a man that can really mine for gold, he left the show to pursue a different career.

It’s about as different as a gold miner could get. Going from digging for gold to singing behind a golden microphone? Well, Hoffman did leave the show to pursue a career as a singer.

He never backed down from a challenge on the show. Now that he’s no longer on “Gold Rush,” Hoffman is showing just as much dedication to his new passion: singing.

“I’m actually starting to get some serious offers,” Hoffman said about his music career on an episode of “Gold Rush.” “Laugh if you want.” He has posted numerous covers of songs on his YouTube page and even worked with other aspiring artists.

“Who knows?” Hoffman said. “Stranger things have happened. I want to break it big. I want to hit it out of the park.”

Hoffman also has learned a lot about television production while being on the show. He started up his own production company, too.

He has a solid, optimistic view of his music career.