‘Gold Rush’: Here’s Why One ‘Crisis’ Dealt to the Crew Leaves Fans Stunned

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Gary Gershoff/WireImage)

Fans are stunned by one crisis the Gold Rush crew had to deal with. The show follows gold miners and while it’s filled with dangers, this particular danger had fans in shock, but not for the right reasons. Some fans think that the production team of the show is simply stirring up drama, thinking fans won’t catch on.

This was all broken down in a Reddit thread started by u/dryheat122 called “Lost Mine Injector ‘Crisis.'”

“This week, Team Turin was supposedly thrown into crisis by the failed injector on the plant’s engine. They were fretting about how this could end their season and what Dave will want to do. Dave will ruin the engine, by God, to get his gold,” the Reddit user wrote. But the Gold Rush fan didn’t mince words to what they felt was a “manufactured” crisis.

“LOL They’re not in the middle of nowhere!” the fan continued. “(1) Drive to Prescott. (2) Get new injector. (3) Have your mechanic install it. (4) Restart wash plant.”

Not only that, but it’s not like they’d even have to stop if they couldn’t find what they needed in Prescott. “If you can’t get the part in Prescott you can surely get it in Phoenix, 2 hrs away.”

“Then we learn that they never determined it was an injector and it turned out to be a dirty air filter. Crisis resolved. I would enjoy the show just as much without asinine, manufactured crises like this,” the fan concluded. Others were in serious agreement.

“The makers of the show don’t understand that we would watch if it was just people washing rocks without any issues. Its not about the drama imo. Its about the process and the results,” another fan wrote.

This isn’t The First Time ‘Gold Rush’ Felt Fake to Fans

This isn’t the first time that fans have had honest discussions about the “reality” in reality TV. But what many people want is just the drama-free parts of Gold Rush that they actually find enjoyable. However, it is reality TV, which is known to have quite a knack for bending the truth to make things more exciting.

Some Redditors have even wondered if the show has been scripted, leading people who claimed to have worked on the show to say that’s absolutely untrue. While the show being scripted is a big leap, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a grey area that always comes with reality television.

But while there may be moments fans question, there’s something about the show that keeps drawing them back in. Whether that’s the mining or the hard-working stars, Gold Rush has something a ton of people can enjoy. You can catch Gold Rush on the Discovery channel. The winter’s fortune season airs on Fridays at 8 p.m.