‘Gold Rush’: How Long Has Christo Doyle Been Hosting the Show?

by Jonathan Howard

Fans love Gold Rush because they get to see all the cool stuff that goes into mining, all the drama, and much more. Host Christo Doyle has been a big part of that success and the path of the show.

It has been 10 years since the show started. Doyle has been an executive producer and host of the show throughout that time. Now, in its 12th season, the show has built itself into a franchise. There is the main show and then White Water as well as The Dirt. Doyle is part of those as well.

If you follow Doyle on social media, the Gold Rush host is always posting sneak peeks and other little gems. Outsiders got to take a look at The Dirt ahead of Friday last week. Check out this one from last Friday when the show had a big, 3-hour night between all three shows. Cigars and gold, not much better than that.

On Gold Rush: The Dirt, Christo takes viewers behind the scenes of some of the rarest moments on the show. Things that you don’t see on the regular program, you get to see on this show. That includes a gold cleaning process never shared before, talking to the guys who make it all work, and having a lot of fun. Parker Schnabel and others join the host to talk about life and personal dynamics on the show.

There isn’t much that fans don’t get to see with all three shows. Going behind the scenes and looking at the nitty gritty stuff makes viewers appreciate the job these folks do and how hard it is to do. It isn’t for those that don’t want to get dirty and sweat a lot, that’s for sure.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Makes Risky Move

Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel has been in this business almost his entire life. The 26-year-old has a wealth of experience under his belt. So, when it comes to making big decisions, he knows what it takes. He made a move from “Mud Mountain” an area that had him digging deep and producing little results. Now, he is headed back to the “Promised Land.”

Over by Scribner Creek, it seems to be paying off. Already, the gold has come in and on the last episode, it showed that they collected almost 300 ounces of gold. He has a 1500-ounce goal and needs more to meet that. But, with this new batch collected, his crew needs just over 200 more ounces to meet their goal.

So, the Gold Rush star seems to be doing well. Schnabel’s operation is one of the top-5 producers of gold in all of the Klondike. He is trying to push up that list as far as possible. If he keeps finding these great digs, it could come soon enough.