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‘Gold Rush’: How Much Do Parker Schnabel’s Employees Make?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for Professional Bull Riders)

When folks watch Gold Rush there is a lot about Parker Schnabel, but what about his employees? How much do they make?

It can be easy to just think about the main characters of the show. They are usually the bosses like Schnabel, Rick Ness, Tony Beets, and more. Then there is the inner circle of employees that is featured in every episode. For Parker, that is usually his operator Mitch Blaschke. For someone like Beets, it’s his whole family that is featured.

Now, what about those folks in the background? The ones that don’t show up on camera, but make sure that the mine has water runnings, the machines are running, and more. Parker Schnabel employees do a ton on the site. When it comes to being honest and open about how much he puts on the table for employees, Schnabel doesn’t hesitate.

One of the best parts of Gold Rush has to be The Dirt. The behind-the-scenes show that takes fans to places they haven’t seen on the show before talked with the young mine owner in Season 8. Parker Schnabel employees make a handsome salary for just 6 months of work. $140,000 to be exact. While that sounds like a great deal, gold mining isn’t any regular 9 to 5.

As one fan on Reddit put it, “it might be more accurate to say 18 months of work compressed into 6 months.” And, that might be Canadian dollars and not USD. Either way, that is just the base salary, with the crew earning bonuses based on performance for the mine. So, that is more of a rough estimate than a real number. Still, that is a tempting salary for someone looking to get into something different.

Would you be one of Parker Schnabel’s employees?

Parker Schnabel Employees Step Up During Injury

One of the times Parker Schnabel’s employees stepped up in a big way was back in Season 9. Mitch and Parker were out for a boat ride, and things went bad. They ended up wrecking and Mitch got hurt. In fact, he broke his arm. Next to Parker, he is the most important member of the team.

Blaschke takes care of equipment, is always on call, and is one of the main reasons that the mine is able to be as successful as it is. Without Mitch, things would fall apart, to be honest. During this time, the rest of the crew had to step up. They really earned that six-figure salary in that season, that’s for sure. The Gold Rush star had to figure things out on the fly without his right-hand man.

Parker Schnabel and his employees work hard. Gold mining is never easy. And, when things get tough, you have to know that your team will step up.