‘Gold Rush’: How Rick Ness Met His New Partner-in-Mine, Girlfriend Leese

by Samantha Whidden

Prior to Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune making its debut on Discovery in July 2021, Rick Ness sat down to share more details about his personal life, including how he met his “partner-in-mining” girlfriend, Leese. 

During his interview with the Idaho Press, the Gold Rush star stated that he and Leese met in the off-season, right after he got home. “We had never met before, but there was some mutual friends. And [I] just happened to see her and talk to her.”

The Gold Rush star also said that Leese actually didn’t even know who he was or what he did. “But somehow I managed to talk her into going out on a date with me. And, she’s still here with me.”

While also discussing how tough the last couple of years have been and how the Gold Rush spinoff shows him making an impact on his friends’ lives, Ness stated that what he’s doing now has been his whole goal all along. “If you remember from the beginning I went on my job site and leading up to me going out on my own. I had a lot of success personally and I understood that I had an opportunity to going out on my own. I had an opportunity to do the same for other people.”

The Gold Rush star further observed that he didn’t want to do to make an impact on people he didn’t know. His focus was on the people that he actually cared about. So that’s why I brought my friends with me.”

Rick Ness Shares More Details About ‘Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune’ 

Also during his interview with the Idaho Press, Rick Ness shares more details about the eight-episode Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune series. “It sounds like some Captain America movie or something to me,” he stated. “I can only speak for my guys and me, but it’s a bit of planning for the coming season for us.”

The Gold Rush star also said that the season was also about he and his crew blowing off some steam.

“I think that a lot of people would be interested to see that ‘cause we, as I said, do let our hair down and blow off steam in pretty good ways. I get to do some racing this year again.”

Ness goes on to add that Winter’s Fortune leads up to the new season of Gold Rush. “I believe the last [Winter’s Fortune] episode is kind of a lead-in to the beginning of the new season of Gold Rush,” he explained. Ness then notes that the episode is the signing off on him and his crew’s big road trip.