‘Gold Rush’: How the Show Used New Equipment to Bring in More Profits

by John Jamison

On the first few seasons of “Gold Rush,” Team Hoffman’s hauls were less than stellar. But once they made some serious investment in new equipment and techniques, they immediately saw their numbers go up.

When “Gold Rush” started back in 2010, the Hoffmans weren’t exactly experts in the gold mining field. They had next to no experience in the trade. Going to Alaska in the first place was a huge gamble on their part. After a few years, however, their hard-earned knowledge proved useful.

They finally started investing in newer equipment and more workers. By dividing their forces, they maximized their potential. One of the machines that proved invaluable to both Hoffman and Dave Turin, who managed the second claim, was a KPI-JCI Cascade incline vibrating screen. These screens are employed to separate materials from one another. One can see how that might be of value when it comes to gold mining.

Basically, the Cascade screen did a more efficient job of sifting through the types of rock, dirt, and soil the teams encountered in the Yukon Territory. It was so efficient that after seeing how effective it was at Turin’s claim, Hoffman abandoned his own trommel screen—generally used for lighter materials—and recombined forces with Turin.

The investments paid off. Season 3 saw Team Hoffman bring in their biggest gold haul to date. The new equipment was responsible for the majority of this. But doubling down on their manpower and bringing two years of extra experience to the claims didn’t hurt either.

One Construction Company Won Big As a Result of the ‘Gold Rush’ Team’s Upgrades

“Gold Rush” is still a popular show today. Back in 2013, however, it was wildly popular, hauling in more than three million viewers per episode.

The company that makes the equipment employed by Team Hoffman on “Gold Rush” jumped at the opportunity to get their machines on screen. It was the best publicity imaginable. Every week, people watched as a KPI-JCI screen did its job and helped Hoffman and Turin in their gold mining efforts.

A combination of two manufacturers—Kolberg-Pioneer, Inc. and Johnson Crushers International—KPI-JCI recognized what “Gold Rush” meant for their company. Then-marketing manager Lisa Carson talked to Construction Equipment Guide about her company’s equipment being featured on the show.

“This is an incredible opportunity for KPI-JCI to market its brand and products on one of cable television’s most popular shows. Last year, more than 3.5 million people tuned in each Friday to see what would happen next. We’re excited to promote our brand to all of these viewers and share with them the success of the KPI-JCI Cascade screen,” Carson said.

She also claimed that the company was confident Team Hoffman would hit their 1,000-ounce gold goal before the season. According to The Diggings, they netted 803 ounces for a total value of $1.28 million. Not bad advertising for the company.