‘Gold Rush’: Is Parker Schnabel Still Working on the Series?

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Outside of his starring role on Gold Rush, mine boss and millionaire Parker Schnabel is a busy man. When he’s not on the show, Schnabel is likely working behind the scenes to secure new territories and permits as well as keeping up with his personal life. With so many responsibilities and duties for the 27-year-old, his appearance on the popular reality series has been spotty. Since starting his gold mining career as a teenager, Schnabel has won the hearts of fans as a mining prodigy. Now that other stars have more screentime, fans worry their favorite mine boss is slowly exiting the show.

So far, the Gold Rush star himself nor Discovery have said anything in regards to leaving the show. However, as fans of any reality series know, this doesn’t mean much. Non-disclosure agreements and contracts might prevent the star or producers from sharing any intel until the company makes a formal announcement, so Schnabel’s silence certainly isn’t comforting.

Despite the suspense, from the look of the Gold Rush star’s Instagram page, all is well in Schnabel’s world. When he’s not sharing shots of different work sites or fellow miners, he’s sharing the spotlight with one of his closest friends – his black dog named Dozer. One of Schnabel’s most recent posts features the six-year-old pup hopping through a fresh batch of powdery snow. It looks to be at least several feet deep as Dozer leaps over the mound in front of his owner. Dozer is a frequent subject on the Gold Rush star’s social media, though Schnabel does share plenty of snapshots of his work, too, proving that he still has a passion for finding precious metals.

Fellow ‘Gold Rush’ Star Shares Intel on Show’s Status

Fellow fan-favorite Rick Ness is one of the main miners that shares the screen with Schnabel. He and Schnabel have had a complicated relationship in the past, from acquaintances to friends to coworkers to competitors. However, through it all, they’ve made it known just how formidable they are on new mining territory. Both men have had millions of dollars worth of success on the show. But more importantly, they’ve managed to keep their friendship intact despite the stress and competitive nature of the show. When Schnabel’s future appearances came into question, the status of Gold Rush quickly followed. While the friend couldn’t speak to Schnabel’s status on the show, Ness did qualm any fears about the show’s return.

“It’s a thing, yeah,” Ness told Looper in regards to the show’s 12th season. “I’ve got the same few guys and I got a couple of really good new additions to it.”

Thankfully, the show will go on. Whether it will continue without Schnabel is unlikely, but then again, so is finding millions of dollars worth of gold in the dead of winter.