‘Gold Rush’ Star Jack Hoffman Will Make a Confession About Famous Digging Accident in New ‘Dirt’ Episode

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Back in 2013, the Hoffmans were struggling to keep the team organized and efficient in the hunt for gold. The Gold Rush crew put up with constant obstacles, some out of their control and some that they caused, themselves. Now that they’re back on the scene, they’ve taken a moment to look back at perhaps one of the worst disasters they’d ever created to see what went wrong.

While setting up a washplant, mine boss Todd Hoffman put his father, Jack, in charge of the excavator. Shockingly, Jack swung the arm of the excavator too far to the right, knocking into the washplant and destroying it completely. Without this crucial component to the operation, the Gold Rush crew can’t wash the paydirt to reveal the gold hiding within the layers. Immediately, the team had to stop its progress and try to problem solve the new issue at hand. Understandably, Hoffman expressed his frustration with the situation at the time. Looking back at the clip of the incident, he seemed to still have the same feelings. Meanwhile, his father chuckled beside him.

The announcer claimed that the Gold Rush star would make a now “stunning confession” regarding the incident in tonight’s episode.

Watch the preview below.

‘Gold Rush’ Fans Roast Hoffman Family on Twitter

The most obvious question burning in every Gold Rush fan’s brain is: Did Jack Hoffman purposefully knock down the wash station? And if so, why?

It’s a move that would cost the team thousands if not millions of dollars in gold. So, the reasoning for this move would have to be rock-solid. Though, with Todd Hoffman’s record with mining, it’s possible that his father was trying to save him from sinking any more time or money into the location. Perhaps by destroying the washplant, Jack thought the team would rethink their efforts and find a more promising source of metal.

Fans on Twitter don’t seem too confident that the destructive move was all that strategic. In response to the clip of the upcoming episode, Gold Rush watchers voiced their disapproval for the Hoffmans and their mining choices.

In response to the question that Gold Rush posted on Twitter, “What could Jack’s confession be,” one watcher answered with a scathing remark.

“That he’s got no business mining? That he lied to everyone, including his own family? That he thinks it’s productive as long as he’s busy? That his glory hole obsession has put a strain on his relationships?” the user wrote.

Others concurred that Jack, indeed, smashed the washplant on purpose, but one fan just believed that he needed new glasses.

“He should have gone to Specsavers,” the fan wrote.

Whatever his reasoning, we’re sure to find out at 9 p.m. this evening on the Gold Rush spinoff, The Dirt: The Hoffman Story.