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‘Gold Rush’: One Star Once Owned His Own Airport

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

The guys on Gold Rush do things differently than the average person. It isn’t just mining either, some of them have had other lives before. One star even owned an entire airport before deciding to give it up for gold.

For those that don’t know, Todd Hoffman was the owner of the Sandy River Airport in Sandy, OR. Before he decided to stake his claims in the Klondike, he was operating the airport. However, it just wasn’t enough for Hoffman. So, he decided to see the thing and get into gold mining. His father had been a miner, albeit not very successful. However, Todd has made his way in the years since he began digging for gold.

Over the seasons, on Gold Rush Todd Hoffman really made himself a name. The mine boss took risks, followed the money, and produced some successful seasons. Even if he isn’t in the gold mining business anymore, he hasn’t gone back to running the old airport. No, instead he has moved into another form of entertainment. He isn’t on TV anymore, but fans of Hoffman can keep up with his YouTube channel. There he sings songs. He performs covers mainly but has also posted original work as well.

He has had his fair share of feuds on the show. Parker Schnabel was sometimes a thorn in his side, and there were more than a few dramatic moments. Despite that, he proved himself to be a hard-working miner and someone that was willing to invest in the work. That is what fans liked about Hoffman on the show.

This season of Gold Rush has also had some drama. However, there is a reason why fans have taken to the show.

‘Gold Rush’ Producer Explains the ‘Crux’ of the Show

If there is one person who knows the Gold Rush cast better than anyone, it might be producer Christo Doyle. Doyle is the guy that hosts The Dirt and gives fans all the behind-the-scenes info that they love. He understands why the show is successful. The show gives people something to believe in.

“Can a guy make it in America anymore? That’s the crux of the show. They’re three very relatable groups of people who have thrown caution to the wind, and they’re fighting the elements to try and make it. It’s not even really about gold – it’s about the American dream,” Doyle explained.

Those guys, like Tony Beets, Rick Ness, Schnable, and at one point, Hoffman, gives viewers a look at a group of people risking a lot to gain a lot. That is so inherently interesting. It is no wonder, Gold Rush has been able to attract so many viewers.