‘Gold Rush’: One Star’s Career Outside of the Show Has Surprised Viewers

by Taylor Cunningham

There is a resident paleontologist on the set of Gold Rush.

The title of distinction belongs to season 12 newcomer Klint Janulis. But he kept his alter ego under wraps until a Redditor spied him doubling as an expert on an episode of Forbidden History, which also airs on the Discovery Channel.

“When not on gold rush he is an oxford educated archeologist,” u/md28usmc wrote. “Man, this guy is two sides of the coin.”

And what may come as an even bigger surprise is that Janulis considers archeology his main career. But if you really think about it, it makes sense. After putting all of that time and effort into multiple degrees, he probably wants to put them to work.

When he’s not digging for gold with mine boss Fred Lewis, Klint Janulis is a lead instructor for the University of Colorado’s Center For Cognitive Archeology, according to his Linkedin page. And he’s currently completing his doctorate from Oxford University.

Janulis is also no stranger to the screen. Aside from Gold Rush and Forbidden History, he’s worked on several different docuseries that ran across multiple networks. One such series was MTV’s 10,000 BC.

After looking at his IMDb page, we saw that the paleontologist has appeared in eight series altogether. And he also worked as a consultant for one more.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Klint Janulis Has Dabbled in More Than Just Archeology

For what we’re assuming is his doctoral thesis, Janulis has been researching the cognitive effects of the trapping and hunting of ancient humans, which he shared on Twitter.

In that same Tweet, he also added that he moonlights as a survival instructor, and he has a background in geology, too.

But wait, we’re not finished with his impressive resume.

Before Klint Janulis began his collegiate studies, he spent some time in the military serving as a combat medic and he also used put his survival instructor smarts to use by helping train the Army Special Forces. That is all quite a lot to accomplish by 41.

We don’t know how Janulis finds the time to take on all of his projects and star on Gold Rush, but we’re hoping that his archeology chops will come in handy for Fred one day. The guys have dug up some interesting prehistoric treasures in the past. In fact, Parker Schnabel even found himself a pair of million-dollar mammoth tusks once.