‘Gold Rush’: Parker Schnabel Blamed Himself for Putting This Crew Member Out of Commission

by Jonathan Howard

While on Gold Rush Parker Schnabel is often seen as the young but capable leader on the show he has made mistakes in the past.

Schnabel is the youngest mine boss. However, he has made major decisions that have led to record gold numbers and good employment for his crews. One of the main men on the crew, Mitch Blaschke, is the do-it-all guy for Schnabel. He is an operator and makes sure when things break they get fixed as soon as they can. Basically, he’s invaluable to the operation.

It was back in Season 9 when the Gold Rush boss made a big mistake. While out on a little boat excursion, Schnabel wrecked and landed on top of Mitch. The two had to go two miles to get out of there. Zach Smith was there and saw just how bad things were. The ride to camp wasn’t good, bumpy and full of rough patches. He was down for a while in Season 9, and it undoubtedly affected the season’s final totals.

Check out the video below and see this mistake and more from Season 9 of Gold Rush for yourself.

Of course, Parker was upset that he had hurt his operator and friend. Mitch is very important to the operations. He is basically Schnabel’s right-hand man. SOmeone that he knows will get a job done no matter what it is. Accidents happen, and it’s good that things weren’t worse. Boat accidents can be really scary and end up causing a lot of damage.

Now with that behind them, Mitch is still on the crew and just as important as ever. Next time Schnabel is in a boat with his Gold Rush costar, he’ll probably be a lot more careful.

‘Gold Rush’: Parker Schnabel Doesn’t Think He Can Mine Long Term

As a young 27-year-old, Parker knows that he can’t mine for the rest of his life. Even with Gold Rush. He doesn’t see it as a sustainable career in the long term. It’s a great way to make a living at the moment, but with the unpredictability of the business and the intense competition, there’s no telling how much longer they’ll keep pulling gold out of the ground.

“So that’s the big struggle,” Schnabel said about the reality of the business. “There is this kind of – I guess what I’m trying to say is, the goal of every mining company is to put itself out of business. And your job is to mine as efficiently as possible.”

Gold Rush is a good show because it shows those struggles. Folks understand that the business is fickle and a cruel mistress. Records can be broken one year and the next year the ground runs dry. Schnabel has a good outlook on the industry. That should help him when he moves on to another venture in the future.