‘Gold Rush’: Parker Schnabel ‘Blames’ One Person for Skipping College to Begin Mining

by Amy Myers

When Parker Schnabel first started working alongside his grandfather as a teenager, he likely didn’t think he would end up a fan-favorite star on Gold Rush. Now, as a 27-year-old mine boss, the once young and naive Schnabel is a force to be reckoned with in Klondike, Yukon.

And apparently, that’s all thanks to co-star and fellow industry giant, Tony Beets.

On-screen, Beets and Schnabel are cut-throat competitors each striving for the title of richest miner on the show. However, off-screen, the two Gold Rush stars go together like a hardhat and yellow vest. This isn’t a reflection of the reality of the show. Rather, it’s just how two extremely successful bosses manage to keep up their impressive records by keeping work life and social life separate.

Their close relationship became evident during an interview with Entrepreneur magazine. Along with Gold Rush co-star Rick Ness, Schnabel and Beets shared a bit more about their unique history. In fact, Schnabel reported that Beets was responsible for his career in gold mining.

“Well, my mom always hated the idea of me not going to college. So I always intended on going and not pissing her off. But then I met Tony Beets and went to the Yukon – ”

Before Schnabel could finish his thought, though, Beets interjected, floored that the youngest Gold Rush star blamed him for his lack of college education.

“You’re blaming me?” Beets asked.

Schnabel then revealed that, rather, he was using Beets as a scapegoat from his mother’s wrath.

“Yes, now I blame Tony so Nancy can be pissed off at him!” Schnabel explained.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Finds Inspiration from Late Grandfather

Tony Beets might be the reason Parker Schnabel stayed in the mining industry, but the young Gold Rush star’s grandfather was the reason he fell in love with the job in the first place. When Schnabel first started working at the mining sites when he was only 15, there was a sparkle in his eye – and it wasn’t a flake of gold.

The teenager truly enjoyed spending time with his grandfather and getting his hands dirty. The thrill of finding those tiny nuggets was unlike anything else. So, even after his grandfather’s death, Schnabel wanted to continue carrying his legacy.

It wasn’t until his parents watched an episode of Gold Rush that they found out just how much Schnabel’s grandfather and their time together meant to him.

“One time, Roger and I were actually watching Gold Rush. Parker said something like, ‘You know, my grandpa’s the most important person in my life,'” Nancy explained to a superfan. “And Roger and I are sitting there like ‘What? What are we? It was pretty funny.”

Hurt feelings aside, Schnabel’s parents seemed happy that their son grew so close to his grandpa.

Watch the clip below to hear Nancy and Roger explain Parker’s tight-knit relationship with his grandfather.